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Gender Confusion in Your Child's School

There are disturbing new trends in public schools when it comes to lessons about sexuality and relationships. What should parents watch for?

Are "safe school" and "anti-bias" lessons in public schools really that safe for students and families with a Christian worldview?

It's a valid question considering the content in one teacher training kit that's been promoted by a national homosexual advocacy group — GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) — as a way to "end bias" in public schools. Not all "safe school" programs are suspect, but this one certainly raises alarms.

The training materials encourage classroom teachers to discuss this question: "How can we fight the traditional definitions of family?" Another question deals with "transgender" issues.

These topics put many teachers who want to respect the values of community parents in an uncomfortable, and even unfair, position. It also transforms school personnel into political activists for a sexual agenda, rather than neutral educators of our children.

This illustrates why it's a good idea for parents to pay attention and ask questions when "anti-bias" or "safe school" trainings comes to their child's school. What are other signs that some of these influences might be seeping into your school?

Watch this video to learn more:

Empowering Parents - True Tolerance CL Report



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