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Protecting Your Child's Heart at School: A Free Resource

by Candi Cushman

The classroom isn't always a safe place to be — especially when it comes to sexually explicit content. Download our free Empowering Parents how-to guide and learn how protect your child's innocence.


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Parents — Don’t Wait for This to Happen to Your Child

Be proactive in protecting your children’s innocence — don’t wait until a bad situation arises in their school.

by Candi Cushman

Parents in Arizona were left heartbroken after they discovered [warning: graphic depiction] that a sexually graphic novel had been assigned to their students in an English class. Despite the fact the school later pulled the novel from the classroom, it's likely that, for many, the damage had been done. The students' parents will be left to help them struggle through the impact of what amounts to crude and pornographic descriptions imprinted in their mind.

One agonized parent wrote an online comment at the bottom of a news story reporting the controversy: "This is a 10th grade literature book that was used in my son's class. … The whole class read this book out loud."

What would you do if this happened to your family — if you discovered your child was exposed to sexually explicit content at school or that an educator has crossed the line in discussing sexual relationships during class?

It's a scenario more and more parents are facing — from elementary school lessons promoting cross-dressing to proposals to distribute contraceptives to elementary-age students. Too often, parents feel powerless to safeguard their child's innocence and protect their parental rights.

"We hear from so many parents who want to protect their children from adult agendas and views that contradict their faith. We want parents to know they are not alone," said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family and director of "Focus has come together with some of the nation's top legal experts to provide parents with resources that can be used as positive solutions." provides parents with tips on how to interact with the public school system; red flags to watch for to know if they should be concerned; information about current issues in schools; and resources that guide parents on how to respond in a grace-filled and fact-based manner to controversial topics being taught to their children.

The site has recently been updated to include a Parents' Bill of Rights and a model parental rights policy.  Be prepared — visit the site today — and learn more about parents' rights in schools and how you can have a redemptive impact.



Gender Confusion in Your Child's School

There are disturbing new trends in public schools when it comes to lessons about sexuality and relationships. What should parents watch for?

by Candi Cushman

Are "safe school" and "anti-bias" lessons in public schools really that safe for students and families with a Christian worldview?

It's a valid question considering the content in one teacher training kit that's been promoted by a national homosexual advocacy group — GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) — as a way to "end bias" in public schools. Not all "safe school" programs are suspect, but this one certainly raises alarms.

The training materials encourage classroom teachers to discuss this question: "How can we fight the traditional definitions of family?" Another question deals with "transgender" issues.

These topics put many teachers who want to respect the values of community parents in an uncomfortable, and even unfair, position. It also transforms school personnel into political activists for a sexual agenda, rather than neutral educators of our children.

This illustrates why it's a good idea for parents to pay attention and ask questions when "anti-bias" or "safe school" trainings comes to their child's school. What are other signs that some of these influences might be seeping into your school?

Watch this video to learn more:

Empowering Parents - True Tolerance CL Report


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More information on how you can get involved.

by Candi Cushman is an online tool that helps parents respond in a winsome, factual way when issues like homosexuality and same-sex marriage are addressed in a one-sided manner in public schools.

Filled with information from legal experts, examples of lesson plans that cross the line and fact-based counterpoints to the one-sided messages homosexual-advocacy groups frequently promote, makes it easier for parents to make their voices heard and respond with truth to the biased information school officials are often receiving on these topics.


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