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Coming to a School Near You

The Wirthlins never dreamed the issue would affect them so quickly.

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Robb and Robin Wirthlin were aware that the Massachusetts Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in November 2003 - but they never dreamed the issue would affect them so quickly and in such a personal way.

In March of 2006, their son came home and told them about a book his teacher had read to his 2nd grade class.  In the book, a prince went in search of a princess to marry, but chose instead to marry another prince. After emailing the teacher with their questions, however, they learned that she had read the book, King and King, to the entire class – a book promoting same-sex marriage. 

The Wirthlins requested that the school inform them of future class discussions on this topic.  School officials refused.  The Wirthlins went to court to secure their right to be informed of and direct their child's education.  The judge ruled against them, deciding that the state must teach same-sex marriage in public school--even when parents disagree, and regardless of a family's beliefs.


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