A Grassroots Guide to Protecting Your Community from Pornography

It can be tempting for those who spend a considerable time immersed in public policy issues to think all threats to the family are already known. After all, there's nothing new under the sun, right?

Yet, sometimes a new concept or connection breaks through the "thought-we-knew-this" mentality, revealing a previously unrecognized component of the threat, which in turn elevates the debate to a new level. It happened in the mid-1990s with the discovery of partial-birth abortion, invigorating a fresh wave of opposition to abortion. And, I believe the article you're about to read — "The Seamless Fabric" — will reshape your view of pornography in much the same way.

Pornography is the catalyst for abusive sexual appetites that are never satisfied, never contained and never put to rest. It preys on the weak and vulnerable in an unrelenting hunt to capture your spouse, your children and your grandchildren.

And mine. And it makes me angry.

The connections laid out in "The Seamless Fabric" provide a compelling and motivating look at pornography that you've likely not seen before.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your community to read this special report's flagship article.

Following "The Seamless Fabric" is an article that highlights the familial and societal harm caused by pornography and the net result of the "humans-as-commodities" message as seen in the global scourge of human trafficking.

Also included are a number of practical guides containing action steps that, if followed, will lead to the retaking of a considerable swath of cultural ground we have lost.

These articles explain how to fight pornography where we typically find it: in hotels, in our communities and in our supermarkets.

Even though the threat of pornography can seem overwhelming, Daniel Weiss reminds us in his back-page commentary that we can take a cue from the adopt-a-highway program and work at cleaning up our cultural landscape one stretch at a time.

Download the entire PDF guide.

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