Sex Trafficking: A Christian Perspective

The selling and trading of human life for the purpose of sex, labor or any other purpose is an attack on human dignity. The reality is sex trafficking turns people, often very young girls, into mere commodities — sexual objects to be bought, sold, used and discarded. No human being should be treated this way.

At its core, sex trafficking is an issue of the sanctity of human life.

As Christians, we believe in the sanctity of all human life — from fertilization to natural death. Sex trafficking degrades and often destroys human lives that are made in the image of God. Thankfully, there are many people working to stop the horrors of sex trafficking.

And, equally as important, we must understand human trafficking is directly fueled by and connected to the growth and acceptance of other forms of sexual exploitation, such as prostitution, pornography and strip clubs.

The sad reality is sex trafficking wouldn't exist if there was no demand. Prostitution, which often involves human trafficking, is fueled by the proliferation of pornography. Read more about the seamless connection between pornography, prostitution and sex traffickinghere

If this issue sparks your desire to help those who fall prey to human trafficking, one of the first steps is to learn how to spot vulnerable girls who could be easily lured into sex trafficking.