Focus on the Family

Before the Talk – Dealing with Our Past (Part 2)

The first step in raising our children to honor their sexuality is to come to terms with our own.

By Chad Hills

Whether we like it or not, parents are God's designated messengers to share His design for sexuality with our children. Our past does not disqualify — or excuse — us from being the primary sex educators for our children.

The good news is your teen will hear about God's design from the person who loves them most — you, their parent. The difficult part is some parents may still be healing from their own sexual past, even as they talk with their kids.

Here are some suggestions to begin this process:

Remember, this is your moment!

If you do not take the responsibility and time to teach your child, influences in the culture will.  


About the original author:  Linda Klepacki is a registered nurse and taught abstinence education for more than 20 years.