How to Pass Along Your Values to the Next Generation

Healthy marriages are foundational for a thriving society. But our children don't necessarily hear that message on television, learn it at school, or even receive teaching about this at church.

So how do parents — and grandparents, teachers, church leaders and mentors — help our children understand what marriage is and why it matters?

We want to help you pass on your values and beliefs about marriage to your children, training them in the process to pass on those values and beliefs to the next generation. That's why we've created two downloadable resources that give creative ideas for teaching your children about marriage.

  • Part One of Teach Your Children about Marriage explains God's design for marriage and why marriage matters for the well-being of children, adults and all society. And because values are learned by both example and teaching, this resource also gives practical suggestions for modeling married commitment, faithfulness and love to your children.
  • Part Two of Teach Your Children about Marriage is filled with practical ideas and thoughtful suggestions for discussing marriage with your children, from toddlers through elementary school, and to junior high and beyond. Reading books together, blessing your children in prayer, and talking about families in movies are some real-world ways you can include biblical marriage in your interactions.

We hope these kits will equip and inspire, as you pass on your values to the next generation!