Teach Your Children About Marriage

In his book The Next Christians, Gabe Lyons writes, "It's our job to be faithful to respond to the brokenness of culture with an eye for the Creator's original intent." When we look around, it's very easy to see brokenness in the world, especially as it relates to marriage:

  • Divorce: Many of us know the devastating effects when a marriage is broken — whether it's our own, our parents, other family members or our friends.
  • Fatherless Homes: As President Obama reflected on Father's Day in 2009, "In many ways, I came to understand the importance of fatherhood through its absence — both in my life and in the lives of others."
  • Marriage Redefinition: While the majority of states define marriage as one man and one woman, many have redefined marriage or are in the process of challenging existing state laws protecting marriage.
  • Cohabitation: Many singles choose to move in together, instead of marrying. But research shows "living together"actually threatens marital success, and women and children are at greater risk in these situations.

So, how can Christians respond faithfully and demonstrate God's design for marriage? We start first by understanding God's original intent. Then, we work to strengthen our marriages and teach our children what marriage is and why it matters.