One Teen Mom's Story

Love wins the day

Taylor had just finished her junior year of high school when she found out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, the father of the baby, had graduated from high school and when she told him, he wanted her to get an abortion. They just couldn't have a baby right now — they were both too young and had no money. She was scared, and though she didn't really want to abort, she didn't know what else to do. The pressure of the situation caused her boyfriend to break up with her.

Growing up in a Christian, church-going home didn't make this decision easier for Taylor. Then, an adult friend brought Taylor to the Care Net Pregnancy Center and through the course of the appointment, she received an ultrasound. While watching her little 7-week old baby on the ultrasound monitor she saw its heartbeat and thought, "This is a living being inside me. How could I ever think about aborting? It's not the baby's fault." She decided to carry the baby to term.

It took courage to talk to her parents about her situation. She knew she had hurt and disappointed them.  But love won, and they have been very supportive of Taylor. Together, they helped her welcome their grandson, Kael Adrian Eller, born Feb. 25, 2009.