Bad Sex Ed in Your School? What Parents Can Do.

    PRAY for wisdom and strength before you act.

    YOU are the primary teacher of — and greatest influence on — your own children regarding sex, not the school. Nobody else can impart your family's sexual values, beliefs and expectations. Your communication about sex is essential to the health of your child. Schools should promote — not discourage — parent-child communication.

    TEACH your children about God's design for sex and why it's best kept within the context of marriage ( and

    INVESTIGATE what kind of sex education is offered by your public school. Review it, and get involved. Who promotes it? Is Planned Parenthood in support of it? If it's not upholding the highest expected standard — abstinence — what is the curriculum expecting from your children? The Center for Relationship Education has worked with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to develop nine points by which to evaluate risk-avoidance (abstinence-centered) curriculum. Visit ask for the SMARTool. This has been approved by the CDC and can be used by parents and schools to approve or disapprove risk-avoidance curriculum.

    NETWORK with like-minded parents and family organizations (Email, call, host parent meetings, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, etc.). Form a core group of parents, businesses, churches and other organizations that care and are concerned.

    FAMILIARIZE yourself with the facts surrounding the grassroots political process and your rights, and vote in every election.

    MOBILIZE your community to take action. If your school is handing out condoms and teaching "anything-goes" sex ed, the people who care in your community need to act. Always remain civil, but don't compromise your values or your stance. Start by writing a community sign-on letter (give a copy of the letter to all the local media groups after you give it to the school, and ask them to print or post it). Several days later, call the school board and ask for a public meeting (inform the media). If the school board refuses to meet and discuss with parents, then organize a protest march and public forum in front of the school and definitely alert the media. Contact your U.S. representatives and senators and ask for their help. If all else fails, collect a pool of funds and consult with a reputable, professional pro-family organization in the legal field, such as the Alliance Defense Fund (

    TEAMWORK is essential, or you will burn out. Keep focused, keep pushing for what's right. Never give up.