Sex Education: Find Out What's Being Taught in Your Child's Classroom

Have your children been introduced to explicit "sex education" in a public-school classroom?

More often than not, parents learn of their child's exposure to objectionable sexual content in the classroom after the fact. This is a troubling circumstance parents should attempt to address before it happens.

Unfortunately, groups such as Planned Parenthood zealously offer to come into public schools and teach "comprehensive- sex education," which surveys find is contrary to what most families want their children to learn about sex.  Planned Parenthood and like-minded groups teach children an "anything goes" approach to human sexuality, which is most often devoid of values, morals and context. These groups categorize most sexual activities – including outside of marriage – as "acceptable," as long as it’s pleasurable to all people involved.

These teachings go directly against the desires of the majority of parents who want – and who likely teach – their children to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. What’s more, such classes often exclude parents who remain one of the greatest influences in adolescent decision-making.  A sex-education curriculum that leaves parents in the dark—and violates God’s context for sex—puts children at risk: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

These days, you cannot simply assume public school sex-education classes will be appropriate for your children or teens and their well-being. Knowing this, Focus on the Family seeks to equip parents to protect their children within the public school system. For more information, look for the next articles in this series.

This article is a 2013 extension of the article originally posted on in 2012.