Putting The 'Merry' Back Into Christmas

Practical Ways to Put The ‘Merry’ Back Into Christmas

For Christians, Jesus is "the reason for the Christmas season." While the commercialization of Christmas stands in stark contrast to the humble origins of our Savior’s birth, this sacred-turned-secular holiday provides an opportunity to communicate that Christmas matters to millions of people of faith more than decorations, parties and shopping lists. 

Here are some practical ways you can infuse Christmas with your values and faith in the culture and the marketplace:

  • Spend Your Christmas Dollars With Merchants Who Recognize Christmas. A growing trend in recent year in commercial advertising is an emphasis on "holiday" instead of recognizing Christmas as the primary reason people purchase gifts this time of year.  Keep an eye open for which merchants recognize Christmas, and which gear their marketing language toward a more generic holiday theme.  
  • Send A Christmas Greeting To One Of Your Local Elected Officials. It’s likely you are addressing and mailing some Christmas cards to family and friends — so why not include one to your city’s mayor or your representative at the state Capitol? A handwritten note of thanks to the leader for his or her public service connects genuine gratitude with a tangible recognition of Christmas. 
  • Speak The Words, "Merry Christmas." A hyper-sensitivity to outward expressions of religious faith in the public square has caused many retailers to jettison references to Christmas, even to the point of asking staff not to say "Merry Christmas." Customers, on the other hand, have every opportunity to wish store clerks and others a gentle reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.
  • Making Meaningful Memories This Christmas, as you reveal the greatest love story ever told, try these fun-filled age-appropriate activities that will direct children, and adults, back to the true meaning of the holiday, when we celebrate Emmanuel, God who is with us. http://bit.ly/18BkruQ

So, by spending your gift-giving dollars strategically, connecting with elected officials and saying the words, "Merry Christmas," you can help bring the true meaning of Christmas back into the public square.


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