Celebrate With a Purpose

As Christians, we often recount how stretched we are with our time, our careers and our finances. But are we really "investing" these God-given resources as we should? And are we loving God, as well as loving our neighbors as ourselves? Take a moment to reflect on Jesus' words in Luke 10:24-38 and Matthew 25:14-45.

Your Time |Operation Christmas Child 2
  • Share the Good News: Nothing is more important than sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ's love. Download a free resource today to tell someone you know: http://bit.ly/A1k7eQ 
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."  ~ John 3:16
  • Invite friends and family over and listen to "How Jesus Impacted the World (Parts 1 & 2)" while enjoying dessert and hot cocoa. http://bit.ly/IL392Q 
    • Pastor John Ortberg reveals the incalculable impact of Jesus Christ on the ancient and modern world, and how His teachings influenced the early church’s approach to effectively engage the culture.

      "There's almost no area of life — from how children are treated, to the way we think about women (with dignity and respect), to the way compassion gets expressed, to the way we think about government and the separation of powers, to an impact on art, to human dignity and value—it would actually be harder for me to name an area of life that has not been fundamentally changed because of Jesus."

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    • Making Meaningful Memories: This Christmas, as you reveal the greatest love story ever told, try these fun-filled age-appropriate activities that will direct children, and adults, back to the true meaning of the holiday, when we celebrate Emmanuel, God who is with us. http://bit.ly/18BkruQ
    Your Talent |
    • Volunteer: During your Christmas vacation, why not help at your local Crisis Pregnancy Center, Drug Rehab, Retirement Center or Food Bank? Volunteering not oOperation Christmas Childnly benefits the charity and encourages the oft-downtrodden and lonely, but it will more than likely bless you, your family and friends — and increase your love and appreciation for God's endless mercies and provisions. 
    • Jim Daly blog: "This Operation Christmas Child Grew Up and Paid It Forward" http://bit.ly/1c9Xnyz
    • "How Shoeboxes Help Spread the Gospel" http://bit.ly/1bewtIc 
    Your Treasure |

    One of the easiest ways to stand firm in the culture is by supporting businesses that affirm to sanctity of life, marriage and religious freedom.

    Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby — companies known for operating according to biblical principles — have been in the news defending their faith. But what about other companies? How can we know where they stand on issues important to us?

    Fear not.

    FaithDrivenConsumer.com, an online community forum, seeks to empower Christians to spend, when and wherever possible, with companies supporting a biblical worldview.

    Their premise: Faith-Driven-Consumer-5

    "We all make consumer choices every day. Have you ever considered the practices and viewpoints of the companies you buy from? How do they recognize and treat your preferences? We live in a world where a small group who want to deny us our convictions can drown out tens of millions of believing, practicing, committed Christians.  It’s time for a change."

    Finally, are you looking to encourage a student's Christian worldview this Christmas? Here are three age-specific resources:

    • For the Middle School Student: "God’s Extravagant Gift"Focus on the Family presents a dramatized production of the children's book "When Mom was 11 Foot 4," a reading of the Christmas story from the book of Luke, and the origins of the hymn "Silent Night."
    • Focus Broadcast: http://bit.ly/1bH5hEyFaith-Driven-Consumer-1
    • eBook: http://bit.ly/18g0y9X
    • For the High School Student: "The True Christmas Story — Herod The Great, Jesus The King" Faith Lessons DVD http://bit.ly/1cTQS4L Faith-Driven-Consumer-3
    • For the College Student: "Who is Jesus?"  Based on the TrueU video series aimed at college students, Dr. Del Tackett weaves a compelling case for Christ, walking listeners through the evidence of Jesus' existence.TrueU 3
    • Focus Broadcast: http://bit.ly/1eU39Z3
    • DVD: Who Is Jesus? Building a Comprehensive Case http://bit.ly/1eU3g6W
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