Cause for Concern (Abortion)

Two of the leading reasons women give for aborting their pregnancy are economic in nature: they cannot afford a child, or they fear a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities. An unexpected pregnancy can be life-changing, yet these circumstances can be positively altered if the woman has sufficient support.

Abortion may also bring unexpected consequences for women in the form of physical or psychological complications. Studies show that women who have abortions face a number of possible physical complications, including difficulties with future pregnancies. Psychological risks after an abortion include depression, substance abuse and suicide.

As part of our ministry, Focus on the Family supports efforts to offer women tangible alternatives to abortion.

Women are certainly not the only ones affected by abortion. The preborn baby human at the center of the pregnancy has no choice, or voice, in the abortion decision yet, in most cases, arguably the most to lose. Biologically speaking, human life begins at the single cell stage (fertilization) when sperm and egg join. This is true whether the union occurs in the fallopian tube in a usual pregnancy or outside the human body through assisted reproductive technologies. There is no doubt that this growing entity is fully human and a member of the human family.

And that fact makes abortion a human rights issue. What human rights does the preborn baby possess? Focus on the Family and other pro-life organizations believe the right to life extends to these little ones. Human life — from fertilization to natural death — holds intrinsic and inestimable worth apart from how old you are and where you live.

At the same time, we recognize the difficult circumstances that can surround an unintended pregnancy and affirm the value of the woman's life that faces such a pregnancy situation. In these instances, we believe giving life to the child is always the best choice — for mother and child.

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