Talking Points (Abortion)

  • We desire to end the practice of abortion: making it both illegal and unthinkable.
    • Pre-born babies in the womb are indisputably human, and the intentional killing of any human at any stage of development is morally wrong.
    • The practice of abortion places women at risk.
      • Women having abortions face a number of possible physical complications, including problems with future pregnancies.
      • Studies find reported substance abuse and suicide as more common among women who abort their pregnancies as compared to those who give birth.
  • We desire to decrease the number of abortions committed each year, working within present legal restraints to incrementally curtail the practice of abortion.
    • We support federal and state legislation placing limits and restrictions on abortion, including:
      • State Partial-Birth Abortion bans
      • State "Trigger" bans making abortion illegal once Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton are overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.
      • Parental Involvement laws requiring a parent's notification or consent before their minor daughter may have an abortion
      • Informed Consent laws requiring that women receive full medical disclosure of possible risks associated with and alternatives to abortion before deciding to have one.
      • Waiting or Reflection Period laws requiring a period of time to reflect on the medical information provided before having an abortion.
      • Abortion Clinic Regulations laws raising the level of safety and sanitation in freestanding clinics where abortions are performed.
      • Fetal Homicide laws recognizing both the mother and preborn child as two individual victims when a violent act is committed against a pregnant woman – injuring or killing her and the fetus.
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