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Revisionist Gay Theology

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No matter where one turns in the culture today, the issue of homosexuality and "gender identity" is being hotly debated. The "homosexual rights" ideology continues to seek legitimization – not just tolerance – of homosexual behavior, resulting in changing societal mores and values that deeply impact Americans in their day-to-day relationships with family members, neighbors and co-workers.

Revisionist gay theology takes the movement for the legitimization of homosexuality a step further by attempting to redefine homosexual behavior as God-ordained and morally permissible. Leaders of the "gay-Christian" movement defend this position arguing that:

  1. Christians' prejudice against homosexuals leads them to misread biblical texts about homosexuality.
  2. Christian leaders speak out against homosexuality merely to raise funds and increase their visibility.
  3. Scriptures that supposedly condemn homosexual behavior have actually been mistranslated.
  4. Scriptures that supposedly condemn homosexual behavior have been taken out of context and do not apply to our present society.

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