Our Position (Sex Trafficking)

Focus on the Family believes in the value of male and female, each created in God's image and bringing unique qualities to sexuality and relationships.The global sex trafficking industry promotes and thrives on the idea that humans are mere commodities that can be bought, sold, used and discarded. The Christian message stands in stark opposition to this and must be publicly proclaimed and lived out in order to effectively combat abusive sexual exploitation.

Further, we believe sexuality is a glorious gift from God, meant to honor Him and not to be used to harm, demean or abuse others. We are particularly concerned when children are not taught healthy views of sexuality or able to witness healthy male-female relationships within a safe home environment.

We believe that domestic and international sex trafficking is an important moral concern. Sex trafficking is now being called modern-day slavery. More people are in bondage today than at any other time in the world's history. Focus on the Family affirms the importance of social responsibility, especially obeying Christ's command to care for the well-being of all people.

Christians bearing a message of hope and restoration have historically risen to the challenge of ministering to society's most vulnerable members, whether that involved rescuing abandoned babies, fighting for equal rights for all races, or working to protect the preborn. Those abused through commercial sexual exploitation are in desperate need of the ministry, compassion, understanding and advocacy of dedicated Christians.

We support those organizations and ministries working to stop trafficking supply and demand and to rescue victims of sex trafficking.We recognize that the average person may be discouraged by an inability to directly impact trafficking victims or end the global slave trade. Therefore, we encourage Christians to support those ministries and organizations involved in educating the public, passing legislation, rescuing victims and providing long-term care and rehabilitation.

We support anti-trafficking legislation and law enforcement efforts. The federal government and state and local law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in reducing the opportunities to traffic humans for commercial sexual exploitation. We encourage greater efforts at the federal level to investigate and prosecute sex traffickers and illegally operating feeder businesses, such as the pornography industry, strip clubs and massage parlors that create a demand for trafficking victims.

We also urge greater efforts to create public awareness of trafficking and education targeted to vulnerable youth. We believe federal and state obscenity laws and local sexually oriented business regulations must be enforced so that pornographic industries cannot encourage the demand for commercial sex, provide a façade behind which sexual exploitation can occur, or promote the growth of global trafficking.

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