Talking Points (Transgenderism)

  • Attempts to subjugate objective biblical truths to subjective human experiences lead men and women to accept lies. Those with a personal interest in the revisionist transgender theology often twist the Scriptures in ways that defy logic and common sense to support their behavior.
  • The biblical creation account teaches that in the beginning God created man and woman in His image (Genesis 1:26). Gender distinctions serve as the foundation of marriage, the family and, subsequently, society. Male and female co-exist – as God intended – in equal and complementary roles and in ways that mysteriously reflect who God is and lead to the general betterment of civilization. And, even though sex-based roles have changed over time and varied among cultures, an understanding of general and specific distinctions between male and female has remained.
  • The movement promoting the normalization of "transgenderism" radically redefines the clearly articulated vision for the sexes as outlined in the Bible. Significantly, the image we humans bear, as male and female, mysteriously and gloriously reflects who God is on this planet.
  • The gender confusion embodied in revisionist transgender theology is a direct result of living in a fallen world. And as with the temptation of mankind in the Garden of Eden, the spirit of "transgenderism" casts doubt on God's clearly articulated design by acknowledging a well-known truth and supplementing it with a blatant lie. In this case, this acknowledgment of the two sexes (the truth) is supplemented with the view that male and female are merely two possible genders along a completely "fluid" gender spectrum (the lie).
  • If the "transgender" lobby succeeds in redefining gender to include a virtually unlimited number of genders, then the God-ordained concept of gender will have been rendered completely meaningless.
  • Regardless of the gender-roles that existed within different societies at any given time, the general and specific distinctions between male and female have always been recognized. More importantly, as Christians, we acknowledge that the general and specific distinctions between male and female have been instituted by God from the beginning.
  • Although "transgender" individuals number less than a fraction of one percent of the population, the goal of activists is to radically deconstruct the biblical and biological understanding of "sex" and teach that gender is "fluid" and changeable. We're being called to toss aside biological sex in favor of a person's feelings or self-identification about their gender – whether or not these perceptions conform to biological reality.
  • Ironically, the same activists who tell us that "sexual orientation" can't be changed want us now to believe that somehow "gender" can be changed!
  • Gay and "transgender" activists will not rest until they have utterly laid waste to the traditional and biblical understanding of one of the most important and fundamental distinctions in creation – gender.
  • The tiny minority of individuals who self-identify as "transgender" are asking the rest of society to not only affirm them in their gender confusion and pain, but to radically reorder the ways in which the culture makes reasonable and rational accommodation for the two genders.
  • Efforts to promote "transgenderism" in public policy necessarily and inexorably deconstruct one of the most basic and fundamental concepts known to mankind and the organization of social systems – gender – and render it completely meaningless.
  • Sexual "Reassignment" Surgery and various hormonal therapies represent the physical alteration/mutilation of the body to match a perceived – and self-defined – social role.
  • "Transgenderism" attempts to create a façade of legitimacy for what is otherwise a recognizable and treatable mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association refers to this condition as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) – a mental condition, not a physical condition.
  • Dr. Paul McHugh, former Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins University, referred to psychiatrists who recommend medical treatment for this condition as "fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness."
  • Psychiatrists should not be allowing mentally ill patients to suffer through such a devastating condition solely for the sake of political correctness.
  • Contrary to the pagan view, the human body is not a container into which God simply pours a spirit. Rather, body and spirit are meant to be holistically united from the moment of conception. Thus, humans are called to embrace their embodied gender and not seek "sexual reassignment" when they struggle with feelings of gender confusion.
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