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Susan's Story: Will I Ever Be Ready?

Susan's Story

Meet Susan

Jim Daly

It was only a few months ago that Focus on the Family's "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" ad aired during the Super Bowl. The upbeat celebration of the bond between Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. And that is where a young woman named Susan enters the picture.

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Will I Ever Be Ready?

One of my friends, Amanda, had a baby girl about four months ago. I posted on her Facebook page the other day: “Will I ever be ready?” She laughed and told me that I would never feel totally ready, but that when the baby comes, I won’t know what I did without her.

I thought by now I’d be done preparing, but it seems as if my list gets longer instead of shorter. I thought the nursery was done with the exception of some ceiling tiles that needed to be replaced. My brother came to help Jon with the tiles. An hour later, my brother came downstairs and said, “I pulled the whole ceiling down. I’d rather replace it. I’ll be back next week to do it.”

I reminded him that "next week" was only two weeks before my due date. He assured me it would be finished in time. A week or so later he arrived with a friend, replaced the insulation and dry-walled the ceiling. I surveyed the need to clean my brand new carpet and wipe down the newly painted walls following their construction efforts. As I made a new mental list, my brother said, “I’ll have to come back next weekend to tape it, spackle it, sand it and paint it.”

What? I was thinking. We aren’t done yet? If there is another step after this, I may just faint.

I can’t have the furniture put together until the room is ready, and I'll still need to organize after the furniture is set up. All the clothes and baby items are sitting in boxes and gift bags. My other house projects seem to be multiplying as well. Jon pulled up the living room/dining room carpet and laid new carpet tiles for me (what a wonderful gift!). Well, until the tiles are laid, the project isn’t finished. Meanwhile, half the items that belong in the living room are being stored in the kitchen.

Then there are the unexpected issues that need attending to. For example, what started as a simple oil change for the van turned into a complete brake job. On top of that, my hot water heater just died. (Turns out that it was made in 1978 and no one carries replacement parts for it anymore.) So, right now we are carrying pots of hot water up and down the stairs until I’m able to get the thing replaced. As I said, the list just keeps getting longer.

By the end of this weekend, however, I should be breathing a bit easier. I have all of my maternity-leave lesson plans written and copies organized. I was able to go grocery shopping and stock up on everything we need. Today I will get the brakes done; Jon will handle the carpets; and I will cook several meals to freeze for later. I’ll also pack my hospital bag. Tomorrow my brother will come and finish the ceiling, and Jon, Ace and my nephew Mike will put the furniture together. Then I can finally put away all the baby things and set up the nursery.

As long as Baby Girl doesn’t come early – and the list doesn’t get any longer – maybe I will feel ready by my due date. Of course, even as I write this I’m thinking about what a mess the laundry room is and how I really need to clean out my own closet. As for the hot water heater, well, that will just have to wait.

Maybe Amanda’s right and I won't feel "ready" until my baby is in my arms!

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