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Susan's Story: 'What Are You Having?'

Susan's Story

Meet Susan

Jim Daly

It was only a few months ago that Focus on the Family's "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" ad aired during the Super Bowl. The upbeat celebration of the bond between Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. And that is where a young woman named Susan enters the picture.

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'What Are You Having?'

As soon as people find out you're pregnant, they ask if you know whether you're having a boy or girl. If you don't know, do you want to know? And which gender would you prefer?

I know how I'm supposed to answer that question. I'm supposed to say that it doesn’t matter to me. I just want the baby to be healthy. And really, that's absolutely true. But when it comes to gender, I have to say I feel more prepared for having a boy. I have raised two boys (albeit, I didn’t take over until they were in their teens).

I know how to buy Gatorade in bulk, get grass stains out of white T-shirts, cook enough for an army, and that – even at 16 years old – a Happy Meal might make you smile after a lost game. I know about rough and tumble. I know about replacing worn-out sneakers every three months. I know about grudges over girls that last barely longer than a commercial break.

What I don't know that much about is drama. I'm a teacher, so I see plenty of girl drama at school – the high-pitched giggling, the teasing, the screeching, the crying and the grudges that can outlast the Cold War. I have seen girls come to blows because, and I quote, "She looked at me."  I'm just not sure what to do with that.

I know I'm a girl.  I wasn't a tomboy, necessarily, so it isn't that I don't get the shopping, the hair, the fashion, the make-up and so on. I am totally onboard if anyone would like to go for a pedicure. It's just the drama that makes me nervous.

But while I feel just a little preference toward having a boy, I know I won't be disappointed either way.

I'll find out at my next ultrasound appointment so stay tuned! 

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