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Susan's Story: A Child Changes Everything

Susan's Story

Meet Susan

Jim Daly

It was only a few months ago that Focus on the Family's "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" ad aired during the Super Bowl. The upbeat celebration of the bond between Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. And that is where a young woman named Susan enters the picture.

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A Child Changes Everything

The time for my 20-week ultrasound finally arrived, and I couldn't wait to find out the baby's gender. What was the verdict? Sugar and spice and everything nice! I felt so happy as I heard the news. As my friend Amanda said, "In that household full of boys, God is sending you reinforcements!" So bring on the pink!

While the baby looked perfect, the doctor discovered one little problem. There are two different blood vessels that go through the umbilical cord to feed the baby. One of my vessels was not fully open. I learned that if this happens at only one ultrasound and is open at the next, there's nothing to worry about. But if it stays closed, there is an increased risk of complications.

What complications? Well, no one was really telling me, but I did hear a mumble of "preeclampsia." The question, "Okay, so what can I do to open it?" flew out of my mouth instantly. The answer was actually pretty simple. Taking baby aspirin every day has proved to help.

I immediately went out and bought a box and started taking it nightly. This might sound like an easy task, and it should be, but I am horrible at remembering to take medicine. If I'm sick and need an antibiotic, I ask the doctor for something that only has to be taken once, or at the most, twice a day. Lucky for me, another girl at my job is pregnant and she reminds me every day to take my prenatal vitamins.

Well, it's true when people say a child changes everything. Antibiotics are for my own health. The prenatal vitamins keep me healthy so the baby doesn't rob my body of essential nutrients. But this aspirin wasn't for my benefit; it was for the baby. I did not need to be reminded to take that little pill. I took it every night without fail. It may seem like such a simple act, and I know that for many people it would be. But for me, it was an indication of how much I already love this little girl.

And I'm happy to report that at my next ultrasound the vessel had opened and everything looked great! 

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