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Susan's Story: Make Room for Baby

Susan's Story

Meet Susan

Jim Daly

It was only a few months ago that Focus on the Family's "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" ad aired during the Super Bowl. The upbeat celebration of the bond between Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. And that is where a young woman named Susan enters the picture.

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Make Room for Baby

I guess one of the most logical challenges about having a baby is simply where to put her. I’ve mentioned before that I have my two nephews (boys I took in) living with me. I live in a modest row house with only so many rooms. And the rooms are fairly small at that. To put her in my room would literally mean jamming a Pack 'n Play or bassinet between my bed and the dresser.

When I bought the house, I bought it "as is" through a special Teacher Next Door Program (without which I would be renting). There was a very small room between my room and the bathroom. The room was a complete disaster when I moved in. The carpets were ruined, several ceiling tiles were missing or stained from a roof leak, and the walls needed a good coat of paint. Well … I never got that far in my renovating. The room is really too small for an adult so I’ve used it for storage. Fixing it up kept getting pushed to the back burner.

With the impending arrival of my little girl I couldn’t put the room renovations off any longer. My nephew Jon offered to do the hard labor, so to speak. I picked out a bright yellow paint and a soft lime color as well. Jon painted some of the walls yellow and others green. He then did all of the trim in a chocolate-brown color and it gave the walls a kind of cute cartoonish look. We bought new ceiling tiles, and Jon is working on replacing the ruined and missing ones. He has already pulled up the soiled carpet, and I’m ordering brown carpet tiles. I purchased a monkey light switch cover, and a friend bought me monkey-themed crib bedding.

Unfortunately, my nieces and nephews (ages 14-24) are all old enough that the cribs they slept in are no longer deemed safe and most of their other baby items were long ago thrown away or sold at yard sales. So I’ve been collecting some things from yard sales or friends’ hand-me-downs, and my sisters and my best friend, Robin, are throwing a baby shower for me. Slowly, everything is coming together.

I am so thankful to have a room for my little girl to call her own. I really can’t even express how grateful I am to Jon for putting so much work into it. With only about six weeks of pregnancy left, I am starting to get really anxious about having everything ready. I still need to clean out some kitchen space to make room for bottles and baby food, baby-proof the house, find room for all my stuff that is now displaced from my former storage area, and … the list goes on. But if I’ve learned anything from this pregnancy, it’s that with God by my side, I can do this.

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