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No parent is perfect. And even good parents can learn how to connect with their son or daughter in deeper, more meaningful ways. This FREE, 8-part video series called “8 Essential Tips for Parenting Teens” was designed to give you practical, action-oriented steps in raising your teen. Teenagers need a lot — freedom and responsibility and encouragement and boundaries. But mostly, they need you!

Here are the 8 short tips that will be covered in this series:

Tip No. 1: Be Open With Your Kids about Your Imperfections
Tip No. 2: Nurture Your Teen’s Faith by Modeling Your Own
Tip No. 3: Stick With Your Teen Through the Tough Times
Tip No. 4: Keep Lines of Communication Open
Tip No. 5: Leverage the Uniqueness Moms AND Dads Bring
Tip No. 6: Encourage Your Teen to Grow in Their Strengths
Tip No. 7: Don’t Make Decisions for Them – Talk to Them About Values
Tip No. 8: Talk About Technology Use and Embrace the “Why”

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