To Be Empowered, You Need to Know the Truth.

Our society has tried so hard to deceive you about the terrible realities of legalized abortion. You’ve been told it’s basic healthcare. That it’s a personal decision that doesn’t impact anyone else. That it’s safe. But those simply aren’t true.

This FREE video series—8 Lies About Abortion— was created to give you critical information, and will help you share the truth with anyone impacted by decades of misinformation. And if abortion is part of your story, it will offer you hope for healing.

In these 8 short videos, you will hear from experts like Dr. Alveda King, Abby Johnson, Candice Owens, and Lila Rose. They will expose the lies and reveal the truth to you.

You will learn the truth about these 8 lies:

Lie #1: “My Body, My Choice”
Lie #2: Lies Disguised as “Education 
Lie #3: “Lies Planned Parenthood Perpetrates”
Lie #4: “Abortion is Healthcare” 
Lie #5: “I Have No Other Options” 
Lie #6: “Abortion Does Not Affect Men” 
Lie #7: “There are No Consequences” 
Lie #8: “Abortion Survivors Are Not Real”

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Please note: Abortion is a difficult topic. This video series contains mature themes. 

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