How to Apply

How Do I Begin?

  1. As an applicant, you are asked to review the Focus on the Family Foundational Values before submitting your application. Please read these carefully, for your application to be accepted, you must be in full agreement with these values. These can be found on the Foundational Values page of the Focus website.
  2. Applying for a position will involve electronically submitting your resume and completed online application. You can do this by hitting the Apply Now button on a job posting.
  3. A list of our current job postings are found here. If your interests, skills and abilities do not line up with any current postings, you can create a job alert through our Work for Us page on Facebook. This will notify you of any new positions that have opened.
  4. Once your information is received, it will be reviewed by a recruiter who will who will notify you of next steps.
  5. If you need assistance at any time, please email us at


Does Anyone Actually See My Application?

All submissions to one of our open positions are reviewed by an actual person! You will receive an automated confirmation of successful submission, but after that, all correspondence will be from someone on our recruiting staff.

What is the Dress Code?

The professional atmosphere at Focus on the Family is maintained, in part, by the image that employees present to business associates, guests, and vendors. Neat, modest, professional, business-like attire and grooming is representative of Focus on the Family employees and should be reflective of Christ in us as a witness.

Are all your positions located in Colorado Springs?

Most of our positions are located at our ministry headquarters in Colorado Springs. We have also have employees in Branson, MO at our Focus Marriage Institute.

If I’m divorced, can I work at Focus on the Family?

We believe that God’s original intent and design for marriage was to be a lifelong, permanent relationship between one man and one woman. We also realize that we live in a fallen world and unpredictable things can occur. Divorce is not an automatic disqualification. Each situation is looked at on a case by case basis.

Do I have to be a Christian to work at Focus?

We are a non-denominational Christian ministry, founded in the Judeo-Christian faith and rooted in Biblical principles. It is a requirement that every employee, regardless of the position they hold, be able to sign our statement of faith and provide a personal testimony of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why, if I've applied for several positions, I never get an interview?

Focus on the Family screens all resumes, and conducts many interviews for open positions. We are happy with the large number of applicants that we receive for each position, but a large number of applicants results in a very competitive selection process. We cannot conduct an interview for every applicant; therefore it is important to differentiate yourself through your resume.

Working at Focus on the Family

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Focus on the Family is committed to helping families thrive in Christ. Learn more about our mission.


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