Share your hope. Share your story.

Your story

Use your story to help others who are going through what you’ve gone through. You have the power to contribute to your own healing by allowing God to redeem your story and offer an informed perspective that few may have.

at any

Whether it’s anxiety surrounding school, depression, parenting, friendship drama or empty-nesting, if you can think of an issue a person may face in their life, we have at least one online poster asking for guidance in that very topic today. Our volunteers range between the ages of 18-86 and each one plays a unique role in the mission of bringing hope and encouragement to the darkest corners of the internet.


Being able to make a tangible difference in a person’s life without leaving your couch seems too good to be true. But with Digital Outreach, you have the opportunity to do just that. Interact with real people going through real struggles right from your home.

If you love

your story

An ideal story teller is someone who…

  • Has a heart for helping others

  • Is passionate about the Gospel

  • Is naturally empathetic

  • Is comfortable sharing their story and faith with strangers online

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Not usually. Most of our conversations are one-time interactions with the people we encounter online. Sometimes conversations can continue for a while, and occasionally we will check up on someone, but our goal is to answer the poster’s immediate question.
  • The topics we engage on correspond with Focus’ key ministry areas: marriage, parenting, child advocacy, sanctity of life, and evangelism. We address the latter mainly by meeting people at their point of need or crisis and offering hope in Christ.
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Willingness to share the Gospel
  • Own a MAC or PC computer, laptop, or smartphone
  • Have access to reliable internet
  • As a Digital Outreach Volunteer you will receive notification of online forum conversations where people are asking for help with personal or family issues. The Digital Outreach Volunteer then speaks into the conversation, sharing their story as well as offering encouragement and practical information.
  • The assigned posts take anywhere from 2-4 hours per week to complete. We ask that volunteers answer a minimum of 10 posts a week. This can be done at a time convenient for you. We also ask that volunteers commit to at least 6 months service.
  • Digital Outreach Volunteers go through self-paced training that takes approximately 2 hours to complete. This is followed by an interactive technical training session, then a period of one-on-one coaching with their personal Digital Outreach Coach.
  • No. You will be posting under a username that you have registered on the forum. We take your privacy very seriously and suggest that you protect your identity carefully.
  • Typically, we are posting as members of the online community and do not mention directly that we are with Focus. If we mention Focus, we usually do so casually, as a friend who’s simply offering information.
  • Most of the forums we’re involved with are secular, and most of the users are non-Christians. While we may disagree with many of the ideas that are presented in these spaces, it’s a great opportunity to share the gospel in a loving, personal manner.
  • We regularly monitor our Digital Outreach Volunteer’s responses, both during the initial coaching phase and afterward. This helps ensure quality and adherence to Focus’ core values and response style.

“Then Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom…”

Matthew 9:35

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