Focus' "Make Every Day Count" Campaign to Help Families Grow Stronger

Colorado Springs, Colo. -- Dinner. Laughter. Conversation. Prayer. Time.

Focus on the Family says those five small words can make a big difference in America's families, and the group is spreading the news through a new Facebook-based campaign, "Make Every Day Count," available at

The five words stem from Focus' own research investigating the common behaviors that healthy, thriving families share.

"We found that if families can be intentional with dinner, laughter, conversation prayer and time, their family is more likely to thrive," said Focus on the Family spokesperson Yvette Maher. "The good news is that these simple behaviors, and the principles they represent, are doable for most families. Small steps over time lead to big rewards."

Focus on the Family launched the Make Every Day Count Facebook page to help parents improve the odds of their family's health and success. Visitors to the Facebook page will learn how to be intentional with their family's everyday moments through interactive polls, discussion questions, videos, daily tips and related resource suggestions.

Some of the practical and research-based information parents will find on the Make Every Day Count Facebook page include:

Dinner - Families that share mealtimes at least four times a week see improved communication and healthier eating habits. Children of families who regularly have dinner together also develop a protection factor against all important risk behaviors.

Conversation - Talking together creates an environment of love and acceptance. When children feel safe to share what's on their hearts, they're less likely to experiment with risky behaviors outside the home Ð and more likely to develop strong character and a necessary sense of security and acceptance.

Laughter - Families who laugh together exhibit improved quality of health. Laughter makes home a place where every member wants to be, and creates an atmosphere of joy where families cherish each other's company. In addition, developing a good sense of humor stimulates intellectual development.

Time - Time is the most valuable thing we can give to our children. Nothing shows our love more. Spending time together creates a safe environment, so parents should be intentional to take advantage of drive time, meal prep, bath time, etc., to share with their children. After all, when children find value and acceptance at home, they're less likely to search for it elsewhere.

Prayer - Prayer is one of the most critical things parents can do to pass their faith along to their children. Talking with God together also helps improve the communication among family members and brings families together.

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