Social Media Reviews are in: #TheDropBox is an “Incredible Story of Love” and “Life Changing”

Colorado Springs- Enthusiastic moviegoers across the nation are raving about "The Drop Box" on social media after the documentary’s inaugural showing.

"We had an overwhelming response last night," said Focus on the Family President Jim Daly. "The movie’s premiere went better than we had hoped for both in terms of tickets sold and of lives touched. #TheDropBox hashtag lit up social media, confirming that audiences yearn for films that elevate love, compassion, beauty and hope. People shared how their lives were touched because of this film."

Audiences flocked to see the story of South Korea’s Pastor Lee Jong-rak, who built a "baby box" for desperate mothers to place their babies that might otherwise be abandoned and left to die. More than 100,000 tickets have already been sold for the event's three-night run, with over 70,000 attendees in the first night alone.

A portion of the film’s proceeds will go to support Pastor Lee’s ministry. In addition, moviegoers who want to help orphans in both the U.S. and globally are encouraged to contribute to the Global Orphan Care Fund. Half of those proceeds will support Pastor Lee’s work in South Korea, with the other half going to Focus on the Family’s Wait No More program, which works with state and local groups to raise awareness of adoption from foster care and equip families to provide "forever homes" for waiting children. To date, more than 2,900 families have initiated the process of adoption as a result.

Dozens of theaters in cities big and small across the country sold out, including in New York City; San Antonio and Arlington; Tulsa; Kansas City; St. Louis; Milwaukee; Fargo; Atlanta and Phoenix. Theaters were also sold out in Cedar Falls, Iowa; Kennesaw, Georgia and Oahu, Hawaii.

In Colorado, theaters in Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins sold out as did events in the California cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Irvine, Long Beach and Aliso Viejo. Venues in the South Carolina cities of Greenville and Simpsonville were sold out. In Florida, theaters in Miami, Orlando and Cape Coral sold out.

According to Fathom Events, the turnout to "The Drop Box" was one of the greatest for a limited-release special event showing for a faith-themed movie.

Social media testimonials show the power of "The Drop Box"

Moviegoers called the film "incredible," "inspiring" and "beautiful." On Twitter, one viewer said it was "a moving tale of a man who defines heroism caring for those who define true beauty." Overall, #TheDropBox hashtag reached more than 3.4 million users yesterday alone. On Facebook, posts about the movie reached at least another 2.6 million and had more than 75,000 likes, comments and shares.

Families and groups attended the movie together and then inundated social media with stories of how the movie personally impacted their lives. They shared pictures in front of theaters, encouraging others to attend. One group of friends will drive 125 miles to see the film. Many who tried attending the first night’s showing were shut out due to sold out theaters.

- @TonyaBNelson tweeted how the movie "made me itch" to get back to a pregnancy resource center and "give a voice to the voiceless."

- @cpjohnston tweeted that the film "continued to confirm… the Lord is leading me to adopt one day"

- @DebiJenkins shared "My son was abandoned on a street at 9 months old so this hits close to home"

- @jmichaelhansen said "God loved & adopted me – a rebel, broken & disabled in my heart. Go see #DropBoxFilm"

Since Focus on the Family and Kindred Image announced the movie’s nationwide release, "The Drop Box" has enjoyed robust support from the social media community. More than 242,000 people follow the movie across various platforms. Followers showed frequent engagement with the movie, sharing their adoption stories and participating in the "text to encourage" campaign where fans were able to send messages of support to Pastor Lee via text message.

Audiences weren’t the only ones impressed by "The Drop Box"; critics’ reviews were also very favorable. The Washington Times shared the film’s goal of raising awareness of orphans; World Magazine called it an "incredible" documentary that centers on "one father’s unconditional love." Religion News Service wrote it is a "stunning and moving documentary" that’s "imaginative in its storytelling." Christianity Today said the film was a "triumphant story" of one man’s selfless sacrifice.

"The Drop Box" is being released by Pine Creek Entertainment in association with Focus on the Family, Kindred Image and Fathom Events as a special event featuring a panel discussion. It will run through March 4 and 5. Tickets, locations and pictures for media are available at To coordinate an interview, please email or call 719-266-7557.

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