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For Churches

For Churches

3 Easy Ways to Empower the Youth in Your Church

Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

You’ve probably found your way to this site because you have a passion for empowering Christian students to take the lead in speaking God’s grace and truth into the culture around them. Did you know that 650,000 students did just that–by taking part in Bring Your Bible to School Day last year?

We’re inviting you to be a key part of equipping thousands more youth nationwide–one student, one step at a time. Just take these three easy steps to help promote this year’s event, which takes place on October 3, 2019:

1. Show a Video

Promote Bring Your Bible to School Day to your congregation and to youth and children’s groups. Check out our Stories page to find the right video to fit your audience.

2. Let Students and Families Know How to Sign Up!

It’s easy–registration is available now! By signing up, participants will:

bubble_dot_shape-01 Be Counted–and represent the number of students participating in your community!
Access Free Resources: Download age-appropriate, participation guides and activities (elementary, teen and pastor/parent versions).
Be eligible for a special giveaway to be announced at a later date.

You’ll also have access to the free pastor-parent guide, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to equip students, myth vs. fact explanations of students’ rights, ideas for hosting a Bible-celebration and more.

3. Share Promotional Materials

We have provided a variety of promotional materials that can be accessed in Resources. That includes a banner if youth or parents in your church want to set up a display to promote it.

That’s it! Show the video, sign-up, share and spread the word! Thank you for being a leader in your efforts to encourage families in your congregation with this simple, yet powerful action. And thank you for doing your part to equip modern-day Esthers and Daniels to be courageous in standing up for their faith!

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