How to Bring Your Bible

How to Bring Your Bible

Whether you’re doing e-learning at home or going to a school campus, we’re here to help you make your Bring Your Bible to School Day a success!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up and be counted for Bring Your Bible to School Day!

On this page, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, activities, and more to guide you right up to Bring Your Bible to School Day on October 1. Encourage your friends and church youth or children’s ministries to join you by signing up!

The Details

The What

Bring Your Bible to School Day is a nationwide, student-led movement to read and treasure Scripture as God’s Holy Word, to encourage others with the hope we have in Christ Jesus, and to celebrate our religious freedoms in the United States.

The When

This year’s Bring Your Bible to School Day is on Thursday, October 1.

The Who

Hundreds of thousands of students from kindergarten to college will participate!

The Where

Students nationwide lead the effort at their schools, either in person or online. It’s voluntary and student-led.

The Why

To empower Christian students of all ages to speak God’s grace and truth into the culture around them by bringing their Bibles to school and sharing what God’s Word means to them.

How to share

The most important part of Bring Your Bible to School Day is … bringing your Bible! There are lots of ways to share with your friends. You could get an extra Bible to give away as a gift, write down and pass out your favorite verses, or set up a Bible reading video chat online – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Talk to your family and friends and think of creative ways you can tell others about how much God loves them!

We are here to help you make your Bring Your Bible to School Day a success. That’s why we’ve included lots of stuff below to help you spread the word and have fun!

Do the quizzes and activities and share with your friends

It’s helpful to remember what you know about the Bible before Bring Your Bible to School Day. You can test your understanding of God’s Word with these fun quizzes and activities. Check them out and share them with your friends to get them interested in the Bible!

Use the promotional materials to spread the word at school and online

To help you get the word out about the big day, use our handy promotional materials – including posters, stickers, t-shirts, and more! Remember, if you plan to put up posters or hand out conversation cards, let your school officials know about your plans ahead of time so they can be in the loop!

Check out our guides for ways to get the conversation started

Are you excited to share your faith with your friends, but are unsure of where to start? Or are you concerned that someone will respond negatively to you? Check out our conversation guides for tips and tricks on how to start conversations or respond to challenges in a loving, respectful way.

'Pass the verse forward' to send encouraging scriptures to your friends

In the lead up to Bring Your Bible to School Day, you can encourage your friends by sending them Scripture verses. You can use the verses that we’ve provided or choose some interesting ones of your own. Give one of the special verses you have chosen to a friend (either in person or online), then challenge them to “pass the verse forward” to someone else. Before long, your verses could be shared and discussed among lots of students at your school!

Join other participants in building the excitement on social media

If you have a social media account, you can be a part of building the excitement for Bring Your Bible to School Day across the nation? Just follow these three easy steps…

Step 1

Follow @BringYourBible on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the latest information on the event.

Step 2

Share social media posts, quizzes, and other activities from Bring Your Bible to School Day with your friends and encourage them to join you on Oct. 1.

Step 3

Share a picture of yourself with your Bible. Bonus points if you do a group selfie with family and friends! Don’t forget to use the #BringYourBible hashtag and you might be featured on our social media pages!

Your Rights

First, let’s take a look at what you’re allowed to do at school…

Talking about God or reading the Bible during free time is almost always okay. When students are told that they can’t read the Bible at school or use the Bible in a homework assignment, the reason they’re often given is that the school must maintain “separation of church and state.”

But that’s just not correct. As long as you are acting voluntarily and not disturbing class, then most of the time you have constitutional rights to express a personal, faith-based viewpoint. You also have the religious freedom to pray or read the Bible—as long as these activities are done voluntarily, led by students, and not done in a way that interrupts school lessons.

All the same, it’s important to be prepared to respond in a respectful manner in case you are questioned or challenged during Bring Your Bible to School Day. So, here are a few things to remember you have the right to do…

Bring your Bible to school.

Just as students can bring other favorite books they are reading to school, they can also bring their Bibles or other religious books and read them during free time. A student can even use the Bible in a class assignment as long as the student does so in a way that is relevant to the subject the teacher has assigned and meets the requirements of the assignment.

Pray at school.

You can silently or quietly pray before eating lunch, gather in groups to say a prayer around the flagpole before or after school, or pray before or after a sporting event. Student prayers are considered to be private, personal speech. They are allowed as long as they are student-led (rather than being adult-led or school endorsed), aren’t disrupting academic instruction, and are voluntary.

Share Scriptures with your friends.

In general, you can voluntarily express your personal and religious beliefs to your classmates through verbal or written expressions, as long as you follow your school’s policies and do not engage in these activities during classroom or instruction time. Schools can enforce reasonable limits on times and locations for where students are allowed to distribute materials. But these regulations must be applied equally to all students. That means schools cannot impose an outright ban on religious-themed materials if they already allow students to distribute non-religious materials.

Participate in Christian-themed events.

Students and Christian clubs have equal access rights to participate in student-led events. School officials must remain neutral in how they treat students’ activities and free-speech expressions. For instance, school officials can’t allow one student group’s poster having to do with a secular subject to be put on a wall, but then turn around and deny permission to students who want to display Christian event posters just because they refer to Scripture or students’ religious beliefs. 

The Dos & Don'ts

Now that we’ve covered what you’re allowed to do at school, let’s talk about some of the things you will want to do on Bring Your Bible to School Day (and a few things you won’t)…

Do this...

Do bring your Bible!

Hey, it’s in the name of the event! Be sure to get your Bible ready to bring to school and read it during free time.

Do invite your friends!

You are allowed to invite your friends to join you to read the Bible and talk about it. But remember, you cannot make someone else read the Bible if it is not their choice.


You are allowed to offer Bibles to friends and classmates as long as you hand them out in a way that does not disturb class time. For example, you can share the Bible during lunch, at recess, before school, or after school.


If a principal or teacher is not sure about Bring Your Bible to School Day, have them talk to your mom and dad. If they ask you to stop, follow their instructions. Then, your mom and dad can call the group Alliance Defending Freedom and get some extra help for your situation.


Ask your pastor and other church leaders to help you tell other kids about Bring Your Bible to School Day.


You have the right to use your Bible in a classroom assignment as long as it is related to the subject and follows the directions of the assignment.

Don't do this...

Don't make others join you if it's not their choice!

You are not allowed to force other students to listen to you or to read the Bible with you, but you are allowed to invite them to join you.

Don't be afraid!

As a student, you are allowed to share what you believe about God and the Bible. You are allowed to read the Bible and discuss it during free time. You also are allowed to invite other students to join you, as long as you are not interrupting class time.


Hey, we just said this! Remember, you can only read your Bible and talk about Bring Your Bible to School Day during break times, lunch, recess, before school, or after school. Do not pass out cards or flyers during class time. Don’t interrupt your teachers!


Almost every school has rules about displaying posters or having an after-school event. Make sure you plan ahead of time to have a great Bring Your Bible to School Day! Let your school officials know before Bring Your Bible to School Day that you plan to bring your Bible, display posters, and pass out Bible verse cards. Find out the best time and best way to share them, and be sure to follow the rules.

Extra stuff

Now you know what to do for Bring Your Bible to School Day! Here are some more things that may interest you!

Adventures in Odyssey: A Special Bring Your Bible Episode

Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey® — an award-winning audio drama for kids aged 8-12 — has created a special episode about Bring Your Bible to
School Day!

In “A Predicament of Biblical Proportions,” daydreamer Buddy Norman lands at Odyssey Middle School just in time for Bring Your Bible to School Day. What happens when a celebration of religious freedom meets a Christian boy’s overactive imagination? Familiar folks around town become rustlers, mobsters, and fairy-tale tyrants! See them through Buddy’s eyes!

Bring Your Bible Checklist

With Bring Your Bible to School Day, there can be a lot to keep straight! Check out this simple checklist of what to do and when to do it. You can check off each task you accomplish as you get ready for October 1.

Got questions?

We’ve got answers! Whether you’re a student seeking more information or a parent wondering how to support a child participating in the event, we’ve got a lot of great additional information in our FAQs.

Tell Your Story

By sharing your struggles and triumphs, God can transform your courage into hope and faith for others.

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