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What are the Live It Challenges?

#BringYourBible’s Live It Challenges are a way students can keep the movement of Bring Your Bible to School Day going all year round! We are challenging students and families to put into practice the “Live It” portion of Bring Your Bible to School Day’s “Bring It. Share It. Live It.” motto. We’ll be providing you with monthly challenges — specific, tangible actions you can take to live out your faith and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Additionally, we will be providing guides and activities that will help you and your family grow in your faith while building lasting biblical habits. All the challenges (and more) will be listed here over the course of the next year leading up to Bring Your Bible to School Day in 2021!



Live It Challenge: 3 Ways Your Kids Can Be a Part of the Pro-Life Generation

In our current culture, it’s more important than ever to pass along pro-life values to the next generation. So, how can you encourage your kids to take a stand and be a part of the pro-life generation? One way is to take this month’s Live It Challenge as a family! Take the challenge with your kids and build in them passionate pro-life hearts!

Once you’ve completed this challenge, come back here to download your reward — the Life Badge!

Biblical Pursuit: Tips for Creating Your Personal Testimony

At times, it can be difficult to put our personal story of faith into words. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to create your testimony and the best ways to share it with those around you! This way, you’ll be ready to share when someone “asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you,” as it says in 1 Peter 3:15 (ESV).


Live It Challenge: Giving Gifts of Respect and Kindness

What gifts are you giving out this Christmas season?

Are you envisioning stocking stuffers or neatly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree? What about different kinds of gifts, like a kind word or thoughtful note? The gifts we give don’t always have to cost money – and oftentimes, those gifts are the ones that mean the most.

We can give gifts of respect and kindness each and every day. And that’s what we’re challenging you to do this month! Try to do simple acts of kindness for those around you as often as you can. It could be an act of service, a heartfelt note, or even a phone call. To help you keep track, we created a Respect and Kindness Gift-Giving Guide for you to use, which you can download below.

We’ll be praying for you as you share God’s love to your community with respect and kindness! Once you’ve completed this challenge, come back here to download your reward — the Gift Badge!

Biblical Pursuit: Public Reading of Scripture with Adventures in Odyssey®

Listen along as your friends from Adventures in Odyssey introduce you to the powerful, biblical practice of public reading of Scripture!

The public reading of Scripture is the simple but powerful practice of gathering together and listening to God’s Word read out loud. Jesus told us that every word of God is like food to our souls. So, by listening to God’s Word regularly, we get the food we need to grow strong in our faith. That’s why Paul tells Timothy to be devoted to the public reading of Scripture in 1 Timothy 4:13.

The Bible is truly the most influential and powerful book in history. It tells the story of what God is doing for us and through us – with Jesus Christ as the center. Like a delicious meal, listening to God’s Word together can fill us up with strength, nourishment, and delight. Whether we are listening with our family or friends, we have a loving invitation to hear God speak to us through this amazing book. By listening to the Scriptures, we gain understanding, guidance, joy, love, and peace.

To help you and your family get started with the public reading of Scripture, we’ve got something special for you: a brand new, 30-day Bible reading plan, read to you by some of your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters! Dive into God’s Word with Whit, Connie, and Jason from Adventures in Odyssey. Each reading is the perfect length to listen to during a family meal, car ride, or anytime!


Live It Challenge: Thanking Those Who Helped Your Faith

November is a perfect time to celebrate gratitude. That’s why this month’s Live It Challenge is about thanking the people in your life who have helped you grow in your faith! Identify at least one person who has helped shape your spiritual life, and thank them in a special way by telling them how they have impacted you.

Begin to recognize the “rolling credits” of your life and everyone who has helped build you up. Once you’ve completed this thankfulness challenge, come back here to download your reward — the Gratitude Badge!

Biblical Pursuit: Discovering 7 Different Types of Prayer

There is no “one right way to pray.” In the Bible, we see several different types of prayer on display. A strong prayer life incorporates many different types of prayer because we will face many different situations in our lives. Here are seven different types of prayer for you to learn and master to take your prayer life to the next level…


Live It Challenge: 7 Days of Prayer

For October, we’re asking you to take on the 7 Days of Prayer Challenge! This challenge will equip you to pray effectively for those in your community and beyond! Prayer is a crucial piece of every Christian’s spiritual walk — it’s a direct line of conversation with God. 

To get you started, we’ve provided a handy guide to the 7 Days of Prayer Challenge that includes some info on a new way to structure your prayers, along with the topics you’ll be praying for like your friends, family, church, school, and more! Check it out by clicking on the button below.

And, once you’ve completed the seven days of prayer, come back here to download your reward — the Prayer Badge!

Biblical Pursuit: Commit to a Quiet Time

In order to be consistent with your quiet, you need three things: a Time, a Place, and a Plan.


This is pretty self-explanatory! If you are going to commit to a consistent quiet time to read your Bible, you need, well, time. Every relationship requires time to grow and flourish. It’s the same with your relationship with God.

Find at least 15 minutes in the day that you can use for your quiet time. It could be in the morning, at lunch, or before bed. Whatever you choose, stick to it! If you don’t have a set time for a quiet time, it can be easy to forget.


An important part of a consistent quiet time is having a set place where you have it! You need a place where you can be alone with God without worrying about distractions or interruptions.

The best part about deciding where you have your quiet time is that it’s completely up to you. You could have your quiet time in the backyard, a closet, or even a tent! Make it a fun, special place where you spend time with God.


Finally, to get the most out of your quiet time, you need to have a plan of action! Choose a book of the Bible to read through, one chapter at a time, and then reflect on God’s words to you. Or choose a devotion that you think would be interesting.

The main thing is to know what you’re trying to accomplish, so you can stay motivated and consistent. If you don’t know where to start, read through the Gospel of John to hear the words of Jesus and then read about the adventures of the early church in Acts!