As followers of Christ, the tide of culture seems to be against us.

But that is when God shows up! Throughout Scripture, we see God moving and working not through the strong, but through the weak. Each of us can help expand the Kingdom through humility, faith, and love—even in a world that seems increasingly hostile to the truths of Scripture. This FREE, 5-part video series called “Bringing Biblical Truth to a Broken Culture” looks to the 1st Century and the apostle Paul for guidance on how 21st Century believers can shine the light of Christ to those around them. Join renowned Bible teacher Ray Vander Laan as he guides you through five quick and engaging lessons that will leave you feeling encouraged, equipped, and empowered.

Video #1: Engaging in the Culture of Your Day with Truth

Video #2: Are You Hesitant to Get to Know the Culture Around You? 

Video #3: How Do We Make the Scriptural Application Today? 

Video #4: Coming in Nothing but Weakness 

Video #5: What We Are Called to Do

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