The Value of Sex in Today's Culture

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Pastor Levi Lusko joined Focus on the Family on a recent broadcast where he discussed the culture’s increasing disregard for biblical model sexuality. He did so with a great analogy, which connected the worth of a pineapple in 1492 to the value of sexuality in the minds of many today:

"Christopher Columbus sails the ocean blue, 1492. And one of the things that was discovered in the New World was a mysterious fruit that was juicy like an apple but shaped like a pine cone. They brought it back to Europe. And they called it a pineapple. Europeans were fascinated by it. No one had ever seen one before. And it became the ultimate symbol of luxury and privilege. 

The reality is, the advent of the steamship and the pineapple plantations, Dole and all that in Hawaii; it made the pineapple widely accessible. And thus, its value drastically diminished. And I think sexuality is like that, because God, if you look at the Garden of Eden, had this beautiful, unique, custom privilege of one person out of all the billions of people in the world that you would have sex with. But now, everyone is having sex with everyone. In pornography, you see thousands of naked bodies. The value is diminished because of the access to it."

We are not without hope, however. Through the faithful preaching and teaching of the Scriptures, the church can begin to show the young men and women who fill youth groups every week the value which God has placed on sexuality since the beginning of creation.


A Godly Perspective on Sex and Romance

Author Levi Lusko explores the challenges Christian families face in today's hyper-sexualized culture in which digital technology has made it easier than ever for young people to "hook up" and trade their future health and emotions for momentary pleasure. He offers encouragement to those who've been hurt by past mistakes and advice for how we can protect ourselves from temptation and compromise..

Hear from Pastor Levi Lusko

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