Strengthening Marriages in the Church

As a pastor, you know that strong marriages are vital to the health of your church. That’s why you counsel engaged couples, preside over wedding ceremonies, and celebrate anniversaries. God ordained marriage to provide companionship, spiritual connection, physical intimacy, and the ability to pursue Him together as husband and wife—one flesh. A holy union.

Yet, you see it every week: Life gets messy, couples struggle, marriages become strained. That’s why Focus on the Family wants to come alongside you as a church leader and equip you to minister to them. We want to provide resources that encourage husbands and wives to look to Christ for healing and strength—whatever their circumstances.


Healing Our Hurting Marriage (Digital)
Pastor Paul Westbrook and his wife, Melody, talk with openness and honesty about the marital crisis they faced and describe how counseling from the National Institute of Marriage helped restore and strengthen their relationship.

Connecting with Your Spouse for a Lifetime (Digital)
In a discussion based on his book From This Day Forward: Five Commitments to Fail-Proof Your Marriage, Pastor Craig Groeschel offers practical advice to couples on how they can develop a strong, healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.

Promoting a Positive View of Marriage (Digital)
Pastor Ted Cunningham explains why Christians need to present marriage as a positive, God-designed relationship where, despite the challenges, you learn to accept and enjoy your spouse.

Living Your Marriage in View of Eternity (Digital)
Popular author and speaker Francis Chan and his wife, Lisa, encourage couples to develop an eternal perspective on their marriage by discovering how God can use their relationship to impact others for His kingdom.

God's Word on Divorce and Remarriage (Digital)
Respected theologian John MacArthur points to Scripture to discern what God says about divorce and remarriage and how those guidelines apply to specific situations.


The choices you make each and every day determine not only your relationship with God but also the quality of your marriage. The decisions you make today will determine the marriage you will have tomorrow.

Marriage requires not just love, but sacrificial love, says Bryan Chapell. In his newly revised and updated book, Each for the Other, he shows married couples how to emulate the unselfish, sacrificial love of Christ.

From communication to sex, from divorce to the sanctity of marriage, Sproul leads you past potential problems into joyous communion with your spouse in Christ.

Marriage is great, but it's not forever. It's until death do us part. Then come eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spent our lives. In his latest book, Francis Chan joins together with his wife Lisa to address the question many couples wonder at the altar.

The Song of Solomon offers strikingly candid and timeless insights on romance, dating, marriage, and sex. We need it. Because emotions rise and fall with a single glance, touch, kiss, or word. And we are inundated with songs, movies, and advice that contradicts God's design for love and intimacy.

In Lasting Love, Alistair Begg unfolds this design. After laying theological foundations, he builds levels of application, showing how God's blueprint makes marriages sturdy and vibrant.

The Meaning of Marriage offers instruction on how to have a successful marriage, and is essential reading for anyone who wants to know God and love more deeply in this life.

This Momentary Marriage unpacks the biblical vision, its unexpected contours, and its weighty implications for married, single, divorced, and remarried alike.


intergenerational conversation

Marriage Mentoring

Make the most of your marital journey by gleaning wisdom from others who've been down the road you're on.

married couple with the word volunteer on their shirts

Serving Together Through Your Local Church

Through small acts of service, we grow closer as a couple, get to know our church family better and enjoy being used by God to touch others' lives.

Taking Off Our 'Happy Faces' at Church

If you’re not interested in being honest and sharing your struggles you might as well go join a club. Why join a church at all?

Illustration of man and woman in a canoe

Choosing to Enjoy Married Life

Culture says that chemistry and compatibility are keys to an enjoyable marriage, but character and commitment are really the essential qualities.

Illustration of a married couple singing while the husband drives a van

Five Ways to Add Fun to Your Marriage

Where you are and what you do are simply factors in the equation, but they are not the summation of a good time. Stop looking for fun in your marriage and start creating it!