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See Life 2021
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Clubhouse Magazine Discussion Guides

Looking for ways to help your kids make their faith their own and understand more about God? Every month Focus on the Family Clubhouse® magazine (for ages 8-12) is packed with awesome stories, jokes, puzzles and quizzes. To help your child get the most out of each issue, please check out the discussion guides below that unpack the theme of each magazine. These questions and discussion starters encourage spiritual discipleship and provide an easy way for your family to deepen your faith in God.


July 2021 Discussion Guide

"Going for Gold"

The July 2021 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse urges kids to make personal connections. From sports to youth group, we’re strongest when we trust each other.

June 2021 Discussion Guide

"Ocean of Talent"

The June 2021 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse challenges readers to build on their strengths. Encourage your kids to use this summer to develop God-given talents and keep growing through practice.

May 2021 Discussion Guide

"Out of Patience"

The May 2021 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse explores the theme of patience. We learned to trust in God in the April issue; now we’re turning our focus to waiting on His timing.

April 2021 Discussion Guide

"God Holds the Reins"

The April 2021 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse celebrates God’s sovereignty. Our God is an awesome, powerful, all-knowing God, and this month’s stories show kids they can trust in Him. Plus, it’s Easter!

March 2021 Discussion Guide

"Helping Paws and Hooves"

The March 2021 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse champions service as a way of life. After reading the stories inside, kids will feel inspired to step out and serve their community.

Tell Your Story

By sharing your struggles and triumphs, God can transform your courage into hope and faith for others.

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Newest Release - Episode 1: The Truth About Life!

In this episode, we will tackle tough questions like, “When does life begin?” and “What does the Bible
say about Life?” You’ll discover and understand the stages of pre-born life and that babies are more than
just a clump of cells!

Yes, I Promise to Pray for the Pre-born and Their Moms!

Will you pray for the pre-born and moms that are facing unexpected pregnancies? We will send you a 7-day prayer guide that will help guide you along this journey with us!! You can even choose to receive this great resource by text!