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Four pre-teens or young teens standing in a line hanging out, smiling together

3-2-1 Launch! Three Keys To Helping Kids Launch into the Teen Years

The teen years are coming, whether you’re ready or not.

a married couple on a date

Date Night Challenge: Escape Your Routine

Try this fun idea for an evening out with your husband or wife. You may discover new, surprising things about your spouse.

Summer Adventure Kits

Are you looking for ways to spend time with your kids this summer, even as you both grow in faith and knowledge of the Bible?

Alive From New York: Seeing Life Clearly in Times Square

On May 4, 2019, our 4D ultrasound footage will enable people in Times Square to #SeeLifeClearly and to consider the undeniable scientific evidence that a baby in the womb is fully human, fully alive and fully worthy of protection.

Watch a Young Man with Down Syndrome Bring a Smile to Every Sports Fan He Greets

Trevor Hendershot has Down syndrome, along with a ready smile and boundless energy. Devoted sports fans go out of their way to say hello to him at games, and Trevor greets many stadium regulars by name. Even the team players know him, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Seeing Life Clearly: Justice for the Most Vulnerable

Protecting life in the womb is not first and foremost a religious issue, or a political one. It is a question of justice and human rights.

The Differences Between 2D, 3D, and 4D Ultrasounds Explained

While trained medical professionals have become adept at recognizing features of the developing fetus in 2D, parents are better able to visualize the baby with the advent of 3D and 4D ultrasonography.

A Pro-Life Declaration for Kids and Teens

Are you looking for ways to help your kids or teens understand the value of a human life? Get kid- and teen-friendly declarations.

Why We’ll March for Life in 2019

The sanctity of human life has long been a core tenet of Focus on the Family’s identity. We’ll have a team at the 2019 March for Life because we’re passionate about speaking up for vulnerable preborn babies and promoting a culture of life.

Faith Conversation: Better Communication

Personalities play a role in communication styles. A good approach is to ask your spouse about the times and situations that allow him or her to be open to healthy, honest conversation.

Counseling for Sexual Identity Concerns: A Measured, Careful, and Compassionate Approach

A statement regarding professional therapies for sexual identity concerns.

Hablando con sus hijos sobre temas de transgénero

El récord mundial atlético de Bruce Jenner y la medalla de oro que ganó en los Juegos Olímpicos de 1976 en la competencia de decatlón, lo convirtieron en uno de los deportistas más famosos del mundo.

Complicated Attachment Dynamics

There are several reasons that attachment between children and their caregivers may be disrupted. Here, the natural and environmental risks to forming secure attachment, and the consequences, are discussed.

The Basics of Attachment and Why It’s Important

This article explains the difference between bonding and attachment, how attachment relates to forming healthy relationships, and what parents can do to foster secure attachment for healthy growth and development.

Faith Conversation: Grace and Gratitude

Explore God’s Word together with this devotion for couples. You’ll discover that Your spouse is significant because he or she was created in the image of God. This is part of his or her identity.

Unplanned Pregnancy: Help at the Point of Need

When a young woman faces an unintended pregnancy, one of the ways God often meets her needs – in fact, the most common way – is through His people.

The Stages of Pornography Addiction

Is porn beginning to control your life? Are you addicted? You can’t put it down — you keep going back for more? Perhaps you find yourself needing to see increasingly graphic pornography.

Adoption Basics: A Global and a Local Issue

A growing number of families are motivated by recognizing the large number of kids in need of families and the realization that followers of Christ are God’s plan for children who’ve been orphaned.

Adoption Basics: Embryos and Other Decisions

From frozen embryos to foster care, no matter what type of adoption you choose, it’s important to take time as a family to really evaluate if you are able to meet the child’s needs.

Adoption Basics: Options

Take the time to determine the adoption option that is best for you and your family.

Faith Conversation: Study Your Spouse to Develop Stronger Empathy

Is your spouse the same person you married? Your spouse keeps changing in preferences and interests. To stay current, study your spouse to understand, serve and love him or her better each day.

Celebrate Religious Freedom and God’s Love

Students are celebrating their religious freedom and reflecting God’s love by bringing their Bibles to school

The 6 Biggest Myths About Foster Care Adoption

From questions about age to concerns about the cost, there are unfortunately plenty of misconceptions that keep people from exploring adoption through foster care.

4 Simple Ways to Minister in a Nursing Home

As many as 60 percent of those living in nursing homes do not have regular visitors. Have you ever considered building relationships with the residents at a home near you?

10 Ways Physicians can Assist a Local Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Making an Impact for Life

From a simple visit to regular volunteering your time, there are plenty of ways pro-life physicians can support local pregnancy centers in their life-saving mission.

Men: Moving Past the Pain of Abortion

Women aren’t alone in dealing with the guilt and grief that follows an abortion.

The Opioid Epidemic—Think Your Family Is Immune?

Nope. No family is immune, and sadly, teens are one of the fastest growing segments of opioid abusers.

Logan’s Story: Sometimes, Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Part of Foster Care

For almost two years, Amy and Brian loved little Logan as their foster son, with hopes of adopting him. Now, no matter what happens with Logan’s future, Amy and Brian know that God gave them a chance to take part in a healing miracle.

When Living Pro-Life is Deeply Personal

For Kristan Hawkins, the pro-life debate is more than just a profession. As a mother raising children with cystic fibrosis – a deadly genetic disease – the value and dignity of every human life is a deeply personal ethic that she lives with every day.

Heather Avis: When Adoption is Scary, Uncomfortable and Wonderful

While the world was telling us all the reasons we shouldn’t adopt a child with Down syndrome, God was showing us not only a baby in need of a family, but that we were a family in need of a baby.

Faith Conversation: Meaningful Worship

Explore ways to make worshiping with your spouse more meaningful. You might try serving together or reading a book related to faith. Even small steps can help you to worship more intimately as a couple.

Food Nourishes the Heart

From the neighborhood picnic to the family table, food has the power to bring people closer. Several writers tell how the experience of preparing and enjoying food has been important to their family.

When Abortion is the ‘Path of Least Resistance’

Whether it’s parents concerned about the family’s reputation, a married man who’s having an affair or an uncommitted boyfriend, all have an interest in making the “problem‚” of an unplanned pregnancy go away.

Women Considering Abortion Need Support

The emotional and practical support offered by pregnancy clinic staffers can have the biggest impact on abortion-minded women and their partners.

Abortion and Poverty: Relationships are Key

Financial questions are often a leading concern for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, but a woman’s decision to carry her baby to term is rarely determined solely by her economic situation.

Students for Life: Making a Difference on America’s College Campuses

Culture is shaped by the young, and most worldviews are challenged and formed at the high school and college level. That’s why, in their mission to make abortion unthinkable, Students for Life is reaching out to America’s youth.

What Makes the 2018 Gerber Baby so Special? His Creator

In announcing the winner of their annual baby photo search, Gerber has affirmed what millions of people already believe: Every child deserves to live.

A Song for the Lonely: Ministering to Shut-Ins

How can you and your family reach out to those in nursing facilities, as well as shut-ins living in their own homes? Consider the gift of music.

A Parent’s Guide to Today’s Technology Download

Find out how kids are using their online and mobile devices, and how that participation can impact them physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially.

Isaiah’s Story: Accepting a Special Needs Diagnosis

In a culture that values strength and normalcy, it can be difficult to accept weakness or differences – especially with our own children.

Finding Respite From the Storm

Sandra Stanley and her family volunteered to provide respite care for foster families in need. Turns out it was just the first step in what became a family ministry.

Faith Conversations: The Highest Virtues

Scripture indicates that one virtue — love — has supreme value above all other virtues. But when you don’t feel particularly loving, you don’t have to try to muster romantic feelings for your spouse.

Marching for Life 2018: Love Saves Lives

The annual March for Life is an event that brings together the entire pro-life community – all working to see a time when abortion is unthinkable.

Focus on the Family

Frequently Asked Questions On Homosexuality

Here is a complete list of our Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of homosexuality.

Lifewise Activities: Finding the Right Fit as a Volunteer

Of all the elements that contribute to a positive volunteering experience, perhaps the most important is “fit.”

Leaving a Legacy: Making a Memory

Leaving a legacy isn’t a choice. The kind of legacy you leave, though, is up to you.

Faith Conversations: Offering Understanding

Appreciating our husband’s or wife’s emotions can be difficult. But we can give our spouse a special gift by seeking to thoroughly understand him or her before reacting.

10 Ways to Make a Difference for Orphans

The sheer number of children waiting for a family of their own can seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of things you can do right now to make a difference for orphans.

What’s it Like to be a Foster Parent? Lessons From Parents and Children

If you want to get a realistic picture of what it’s like to be a foster parent, the best thing to do is speak with the folks who are living it.

How Charles Mully’s Bold Faith Saved a Little Girl’s Life

It’s all too easy to feel as if the needs of the world are too many for any one of us to make a difference, but Charles Mully didn’t let that stop him from taking action to save lives.

Special Needs: Scared to Let Go

Encouraging your child’s independence is hard… but worth it.

Focus on the Family

Upholding Religious Freedom in Texas: A Timeline of the History of the Houston HERO Ordinance (2014-2017)

A Timeline of the History of the Houston HERO Ordinance

Marriage Notes: How do I truly forgive?

You might think you’ve forgiven your spouse, but true forgiveness comes with a sense of peace. And the ability to forgive others — and yourself — only comes from God.

Faith Conversation: A Beautiful Love

All the excitement about Valentine’s Day makes it easy for us to spend a day focusing on romantic love, but committing to act in love all year long is more difficult.

See the Powerful Story of a Woman Who Survived Being Aborted

“I wasn’t intended to be born alive.”

Healing the Hurt of a Past Abortion

A lot of women feel hopeless about ever resolving the pain connected with their abortion. But healing is possible.

A Double Dose of Variety

Raising kids in an intercultural home has many benefits.

#iSEETWO: An Inclusive, Life Affirming Conversation

When some look at a pregnant woman, they see only one life: we see two. That’s the idea behind the social media #iSEETWO campaign.

Remembering 9/11

The memory of 9/11 has had an undeniable impact on our nation and on our families. How much more profound has the impact been on the victims who survived the tragedy and on the families of those who died?

When Your Teen is Rejected

You can provide guidance and support, motivated by kindness and love, when your teen feels the sting of rejection.

Embracing Your Adopted Child’s Heritage

Make your child’s cultural heritage a part of your family’s story.

Focus on the Family

Marriage Mentoring Discussion Guide

At Focus on the Family, we’re here to assist youby creating this discussion guide to serve as a springboard to help you enter into candid marriage-building conversations with your mentoree couple.This guide explores twelve characteristics that we’ve identified as essential ingredients in creating lasting, thriving unions.

Focus on the Family

Twenty More Ways to Invest

A mentor is someone you can turn to for wisdom and support — and someone who can help you make the most of your marriage.

The Democratic Process and Your Tweens

Help your tweens understand the democratic process.

An Activity to Understand Elections (2- to 3-years-olds)

Teach your toddler about the election process.

How Does the Majority Rule? (for 4- to 7-year-olds)

Help your children understand the concept of “majority rule”

Citizenship, Democracy and Your Teen

Talk with your teens about voting.

Down Syndrome: What the Doctors Didn’t Tell Us

Sure, the doctors were right in that our daughter would face some medical issues throughout her life, but what they didn’t share with us was that we were embarking upon the greatest journey any parent could ever hope for.

Eight Sermons On the Subject of Adoption & Orphan Care

Adopting a child brings joy, yet it can be stressful. Here are eight sermons to help guide you through the adoption process.

Scriptures On the End of Life

What does the Bible say about the end of life?

Sermons on Special Needs

Listen to valuable sermons on how to deal with specials needs within your family and marriage.

Sermons on the End of Life

Sermons to help you understand more about the end of life.

Impact Stories: End of Life

Learn more about how to deal with the death of a loved one.

20 Scriptures on Human Trafficking

Are you curious about what the Bible says about human trafficking? Here are 20 scriptures that show that every life is valuable.

Facts and Research About the End of Life

More information about the end of life.

Facts and Research on Human Trafficking

Facts and research to help you understand the terrible side effects of human trafficking.

Scriptures Advocating for the Pre-born

Speak up for the pre-born with these Biblical scriptures. 

Sermons on Race

Listen to what pastors around the country have to say about racial harmony.

Impact Stories: Pre-Born

Videos advocating for the unborn.

11 Scriptures on Race

What does the Bible say about race?

Facts and Research About the Unborn and Abortion

Make a valid pro-life position with these facts and research about the unborn and abortion.

Impact Stories: Adoption and Orphan Care

Videos to help you understand adoption and orphan care.

13 Scriptures on Adoption and Orphan Care

Scriptures on adoption and orphan care.

Facts and Research on Adoption and Orphan Care

Facts to help you through the adoption process.

Including Persons with Autism In the Life of the Church

People with Autism are a part of the disability classification that need inclusion. What does the church need to do to include these wonderful people with ASD?

Six Scriptures That Speak Up For Those Who Can’t Speak For Themselves

Leave it to the wisdom of Proverbs and the poetry of the Psalms to give clear words on the subject of preventable death.

11 Scriptures On Helping Loved Ones With Special Needs

Stand up for those with special needs. Here are 11 Biblical scriptures to help you.

How One Church Reached Out To Special Needs Family

Just like other life challenges, our churches need to be the place families can turn to for help and support, not another place to feel like an unwanted outsider.

God’s Story of Disability: The Unfolding Plan from Genesis to Revelation

For years, Joni Eareckson Tada has served as a strong advocate for those with disabilities.

Want To See A Child Survival Program In Action?

Our model helps young families begin building a thriving, healthy life together.

Facts and Research About Special Needs

Facts and research to help you understand special needs within your family and marriage.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thriving Family asked parents to share a cherished tradition that has helped their family experience real gratitude.

Focus on the Family

Malaria Prevention

A blog post about malaria prevention.

Focus on the Family

Child Survival

“Each year more than 500,000 mothers die in childbirth or from pregnancy complications, most of which are preventable.”

11 Facts About Racial Discrimination

11 facts to help you understand racial discrimination.

Focus on the Family

AIDS Information

Quick facts about AIDS and how to prevent it.

Facts and Research About Preventable Death

6.6 million children will die this year before they reach their 5th birthday.

Focus on the Family

“Transgenderism” Brings Chaos from Order

The growing transgender movement fights against God’s design for male and female and affects laws, education, freedom and privacy.

When Your Son is a Teenage Father

If your son has had a sexual relationship from which a pregnancy has resulted, remember that he will probably be experiencing many of the same emotions as his girlfriend, including fear, guilt and ambivalence. In addition, he will feel considerable conflict and confusion over the role he should play. 

Focus on the Family

Asylum Seekers Flee to Egypt: Re-visiting Jesus’ Journey to Egypt

This Christmas, the story of Jesus’ flight to Egypt (as recorded in Matthew 2), bears new insight when viewed through the lens of our hurting region Jesus began his life in a situation similar to what Iraqi and Syrian children refugees are experiencing today.  Having escaped death towards an unknown future, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were refugees.

Focus on the Family

How to Choose Video Games Wisely

In the ever-changing landscape of video gaming, take the time necessary to ensure that your child engages in ‘safe’ games.

Focus on the Family

Detriments of Video Games

As you might expect, there are several common drawbacks to video game play.

Approaches to Discipline

Parents develop expectations for their child’s behavior based on age. However, there are factors to keep in mind.

Focus on the Family

Choosing a Religious Home

Helpful tips for finding a church

Focus on the Family

Blessing Your Kids

It’s easier than you think to bless your kids!

Focus on the Family

God’s Will for My Life Part 2 of 3

In part two of this three part series, John Thomas answers a question regarding knowing God’s will.

Focus on the Family

How Can I Study the Bible?

Beginning a Bible Study

William Lane Craig

A Few Minutes with Dr. William Lane Craig

John D. Martin interviews Christian scholar Dr. William Lane Craig.

Focus on the Family

Safeguards for Video Gameplay

Do you have a child who loves to play video games? These safeguards will help counter the possible ill effects.

Focus on the Family

Types of Video Games

Get informed about the major video game categories.

Focus on the Family

5 Mistakes That Can Turn Your Child into a Video Game Junkie

Avoid these common mistakes to help protect your child from video game addiction.

Focus on the Family

God’s Will for My Life Part 3 of 3

John Thomas answers a question regarding knowing God’s will.

Focus on the Family

Parents’ Guide to Video Games

Learn what makes video games addictive, signs of addiction and how to prevent them, plus how to choose family-friendly games.

Focus on the Family

Six Things to Know About the Houston Pastors’ Subpoena

1. What Does The Houston Ordinance Do? The ordinance is, among other things, a public accommodation policy that forbids discrimination in the city based on sexual orientation and gender identity. One of the points of greatest concern is that it allows …

A father hugging his son

When Homosexuality Hits Home for the Holidays

“Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.” Christmas is right around the corner and you’re making plans to bring the whole family gathered together to celebrate. Yet peace and goodwill are anything but certain. You just learned: Your brother comes home a d …

How Do I Find the Right Church?

What next? The Bible uses two terms to describe what happens when people say Yes to God and join His family. This experience, which was explained earlier, is being born again. New Christians are part of God’s family just as certainly as they are part o …

Focus on the Family

‘Women’s Right to Know’ Legislation

Abortion is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the United States and one that is only performed upon women. Do women have a right to know the medical risks associated with abortion? What is a Woman’s Right to Know bill? …

Focus on the Family

Job Loss: Questions and Answers

Find answers to commonly asked questions related to the loss of a job.

Focus on the Family

Window of Opportunity

When you’re between jobs, take advantage of the time to rediscover your passion develop a renewed sense of purpose.

Politics and Government

The city council of a Midwestern town announced the date for the long-awaited and controversial meeting. The council would consider the constitutionality of beginning its sessions with prayer. When that night arrived, the chamber was packed with politi …

Focus on the Family

Not Ready for the Rocking Chair: A Story

At age 54, Judy Pitt made her first trip to Africa to fulfill a dream to see the continent. Now she’s traveling there twice a year to help the people of Kenya.

More Ideas for Traditions

See which of these traditions might work for your family!

Ideas for Creating Traditions

Here are a few ideas real moms and dads have created to set an atmosphere where words of affirmation and moments of celebration can be shared.

Focus on the Family

Test-Driving Marriage

If you’re not ready to get married, do you really think you’re ready to live together?

Spiritual Intimacy

Do you connect with your spouse through your faith?

Focus on the Family

Marriage: God’s Idea

If you’ve tried understanding marriage through the world, there’s a better way.

Why Wait for Sex?

In a sex-saturated culture, waiting till marriage seems outdated and prudish.

Focus on the Family

Words Are Powerful

Celebrate personal moments in a powerful way that can breathe life into a young person’s heart and future!

Affairs and Adultery

Infidelity is not a simple problem and it cannot be fixed with a simple cure. This series of articles is designed to provide insight, encouragement and practical advice to anyone whose marriage has been undermined by an act of infidelity.

Focus on the Family

Forging a New Identity

God has given you experiences that build wisdom if interpreted and used correctly. And that wisdom can be a tremendous benefit to others who will go through the same dark valley.

Money Management in Marriage

Make your marriage stronger by tackling the issue of money management in marriage.

Focus on the Family

Ignite Your Child’s Love for Jesus

FaithLaunch isn’t the only method for introducing your child to Jesus. But it’s a good way to do it without pressuring your child, exhausting yourself or upending your family’s schedule.

Focus on the Family

Options and Successful Strategies

Requests for visits with the child by birth families are on the rise.


If you’ve discovered that infertility is part of your story, the pressure to conceive can be even greater.

Dealing With Depression

Don’t get tangled up in the notion that depression is a sin.

Devotional: Communication and Conflict

We are called to be attentive to one another in marriage, to stop and listen and to learn about each other.

Devotional: External Relationships

When we choose to live our married life according to the design God has for us, it can be amazing.

Devotional: Facing Adversity

The reality of the presence of adversity in life is a given.

Devotional: Love and Respect

To assume that our ability to love another person has its source in our own hearts carries with it the potential to be embarrassing, painful, or dangerous.

Devotional: Marriage in Crisis

It is rare that a marriage hits a crisis point as the result of one move of one person.

Devotional: Sex and Intimacy

To yield to one another sexually in marriage is to step into God-created intimacy.

Devotional: Spiritual Foundations

Spiritual intimacy between a husband and wife provides a safe covering.

Devotional: Time and Money

As with everything in our lives, our ability to live in the fullness that God has for us has all to do with our focus.

Devotional: Unexpected Challenges

We so long to find or to create certainty in our lives. There is but one certainty in life, and that is the presence of our loving God.

Focus on the Family

Birth Family Relationships

In our well-connected world, it is more likely than ever that your child will now, or someday in the future, have contact or relationships with the people who brought him into this world.

When Expectations Meet Reality

There are many things that newlyweds experience and one of them is disillusionment.

Becoming One

Becoming one is something that takes effort and persistence.

Divorce and Separation

It takes more than an opinion to discover the right thing.

Focus on the Family

Mentoring 101

A mentor is someone you can turn to for wisdom and support — and someone who can help you make the most of your marriage.

Focus on the Family

Longing for One’s Birth Family

We all have an innate need to know who we are and where we came from.

Focus on the Family

Back From Iraq: A Readjustment Story

‘I know someday God will use what we’ve been through to help others.’

Focus on the Family

Mentoring Investment Ideas

A mentor is someone you can turn to for wisdom and support — and someone who can help you make the most of your marriage.

Focus on the Family

God’s Message About Family Relationships

Appreciate the precious gift of parenthood granted to you by your child’s birth family by embracing them through the love of Jesus Christ.

Focus on the Family

Questions Children Ask

The respect you show for each birth parent’s intrinsic value and humanity will boost your child’s own self-respect.

Managing Temptation

Within marriage, barriers must also be erected to protect the “garden of marital bliss” that you are trying hard to build.

Focus on the Family

Making a Career Change

If you’re thinking about making a career change, consider using this plan to satisfy yourself personally and professionally.

Family putting money in a piggy bank

Battling the Monthly Budget

Operating without a financial strategy may create financial disaster. Here’s how to battle the monthly budget.

Focus on the Family

Adjusting to Life After an Adoption

After parents adopt a child, it’s important for their new transracial or transcultural family to help the new family member feel at home. Here’s how.

Talking About Sex and Puberty

As a parent, you are the best person to educate your child about sexuality.

Focus on the Family

How Computer and Video Games Are Rated

Like movie ratings, video game ratings are helpful tools for parents who want to make informed decisions about what their children see.

Focus on the Family

Parental Involvement Leads to a Decline in Drug Use

Part of the Battling Drug and Alcohol Abuse Series Battling Drug and Alcohol Abuse If You Love an Alcoholic Drug-Proofing Your Home Parental Involvement Leads to a Decline in Drug Use Series About: Abuse and Addiction A new survey from the National Ins …

Breaking Free From Debt

Breaking Free From Debt

Is your family in financial dire straits? Learn to stop playing games with your monthly budget.

Being a Diligent Parent

Get 10 tips for becoming a parent who is diligent on a daily basis with teens.

Being Available For Your Teen

Set a goal of reserving 10 percent of your energy for your teen.

Sticking With Your Teen: Having to Say You’re Sorry

The most powerful words we can say to our kids (“I’m sorry”) are also the most humbling – and sometimes the most painful.

Focus on the Family

Vocational Intimacy

Make time to discuss the business of life as a couple, but don’t let it interfere with a romantic interlude.

Focus on the Family

Where Do I Begin?

Saying you’re sorry to your kids opens up plenty of possibilities – all of them good.

Focus on the Family

Why Apologize?

What happens when parents apologize to their kids? Understanding, forgiveness, closeness and love.

Tools for Listening to Your Teen

How to really hear your teen and encourage your teen to open up to you

Focus on the Family

‘Sorry’ Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Asking for forgiveness is an admission that you’ve made a poor decision – and it can be humiliating to admit you’re wrong – but kids say they respect their parents more when they apologize.

Walking Alongside Your Teen

Your goal is to learn about your teen, and it will take some time.

How to Talk to a Reluctant Teen

Six ideas for starting conversations with reluctant teens

Focus on the Family

Long-Distance Grandparenting

Simple ideas for staying in touch.

The Right Way to Communicate During Conflict

You’ll be amazed at how easily some arguments are solved after you both feel understood and valued.

Focus on the Family

Sex Without Regrets

Teen girls will learn about abstinence, the difference between love and infatuation and the effects of sexual intimacy outside of marriage, as well as the perspective of several guys on the issue of chastity.

When You Still Can’t Resolve Conflict

When all else fails, get an outside opinion to help you resolve conflict with your teens.

Effective Communication With Your Teen

Allow your teen’s feelings to touch you, and then help him see that you truly understand his feelings.

Making Wise Decisions During Conflicts

Eight tips for creating a win/win solution

Unhealthy Ways to Argue

Four habits to avoid in family disagreements with your teens

How Your Teen Is Wired

Your job is now to pinpoint your teen’s interests and natural abilities to help your child grow in the direction that God made him or her.

Help Your Teen Deal With Setbacks

Setbacks are an inevitable part of life, but how should we respond? The healthy response is to ‘learn, grow and go.’

Help Your Teens Achieve Their Dreams

The time you invest in helping your child discover his or her God-given gifts and talents will be one of the most cherished investments you’ll ever make.

Your Teen’s Sensory Preference

Sensory preference has a big influence on success or failure in school and in the choice of a career.

Your Teen’s Spiritual Gifts

Help your teens discover their spiritual gifts as a means for helping them gain direction in their life.

The Love and Respect Principle

The ‘Love and Respect’ Principle

Maybe you’ve heard that a woman needs to be loved by her husband and a man needs to be respected by his wife. However, if you’re like the average man or woman, you’re thinking, “Sure, that all sounds great, but what does it mean?” Men often define love …

Support Your Teen’s Interests

All teens – including yours – still long to be loved and affirmed by Mom and Dad. No one else’s praise and support means more.

Focus on the Family

The Light of Depression

Surprisingly, my season of depression led to a greater experience of joy.

Focus on the Family

What to Expect in the First Year of Marriage: A Real Life Story

Here’s how one newlywed is making her marriage last a lifetime.

Moving Forward: Dealing With Grief

Over time, the intensity of your grief will likely subside, but do not rush the grieving process.

Focus on the Family

When a Nursing Home Must Be Considered

If you have been trying to go it alone in caring for an elderly loved one, remember that burnout is a very real possibility. It is important to acknowledge the impact caregiving is having on you and to get support and good counsel about available services and resources.

Focus on the Family

When It’s Time to Let Go

When the soul is about to return to God, it is a moment of great awe. If you have the opportunity to be there when your elderly loved one takes that final breath, be there.

Focus on the Family

When Your Kids Divorce

It’s a delicate situation, but there are things you can do to help.

Focus on the Family

Becoming Your Loved One’s Caregiver

Never before in America’s history have we had so many people, ages 65 to 74, caring for aging parents, and never have we had so many older people, especially as baby boomers continue to age.

Focus on the Family

Caregivers Need to Care for Themselves as Well

When caring for an aging loved one, do you ever ask, When is it okay to take care of myself? Or, How long can I go on like this?

Focus on the Family

Encourage Your Elder’s Faith and Spiritual Life

Though your elder loved one may be ravaged by old age and mental difficulties, their need to actively practice their Christian faith is important.

husband and wife walking in the desert

The Weapon That Depresses Depression

Depression doesn’t make you a failure. Persevering through it makes you a strong Christian and a winner in God’s eyes.

Focus on the Family

Relentless Parenting

Teen rebellion requires parental tenacity and persistence.

Focus on the Family

Is Remarriage a Step in the Right Direction?

Understanding the challenges of stepfamily living can help you make an informed decision about remarriage.

Focus on the Family

Eating Disorders

Although the following influences do not constitute a comprehensive list of contributing factors, they are often present in eating disorders.

Focus on the Family

The Freedom in Forgiveness

If you’re like many people, you may want to be free of past offenses, but you still carry bitter memories of or hard feelings toward those who have wronged you.

Focus on the Family

The Power of Sexual Thoughts

Teen guys will learn about abstinence, the difference between love and infatuation and the effects of sexual intimacy outside of marriage, as well as the regrets of a guy who got involved in pornography.

The Truth About Eating Disorders

Learn what causes eating disorders, what the root of the problem is, factors that could lead to the development of an eating disorder, what the Bible says about beauty and how to avoid the trap of eating disorders.

How to Answer Your Child’s Faith Questions, Part 1

Here are some answers to questions your child may ask about God.

How to Answer Your Child’s Faith Questions, Part 2

Here are more answers to questions your child may ask about God.

The Vicious Truth About Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Read about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, what the Bible has to say about getting high, how a teen can help a friend involved in substance abuse and resources for drug abuse.

Focus on the Family

No Teen is an Island

If your child is isolating himself, here’s what he might be trying to tell you.

Focus on the Family

Pure Again

What can you say to someone who hasn’t waited for sex until after marriage?

Focus on the Family

Signs and Symptoms

Some of the warning signs of anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

Focus on the Family

Battling Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse.

Focus on the Family

Drug-Proofing Your Home

Here are some proactive steps you can take to reduce your child’s chance of using drugs.

Making Wise Entertainment Choices

Today’s entertainment is far reaching and has slowly desensitized us to sex and violence. Learn how to make wise decisions about the movies, music and shows you take in!

Focus on the Family

Risk Factors for Premarital Sex

Teenagers who feel incomplete, inadequate and unappreciated are more likely to seek comfort in a sexual relationship.

Your Daughter’s Experience

Before considering how you might respond to the news that your unmarried teenager is pregnant, take a brief tour of the emotions and thought processes that are likely to be swirling through her mind and heart.

Focus on the Family

The Pregnant Teen’s Dilemma

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, young women also deal with a swirl of fragile emotions and pressure from many sources.

Focus on the Family

What if Your Adolescent Son Is Involved in a Pregnancy?

There are many questions to answer if your son is involved in an unplanned pregnancy. How should you answer those questions?

Focus on the Family

How do I Help My Busy Teen from Burning Out?

Concerned parents want to know how to help their stressed out, overworked, too-active kids.

Focus on the Family

Advice for an In-Law

Healthy in-law relationships contribute to the success of marriage.

Focus on the Family

Out of Work: One Family’s Journey

At first, they met the challenge joyfully. Now, they look for creative ways to greet each jobless day.

Focus on the Family

Abiding Unemployment

What do you do between the last job and the next?

Focus on the Family

What to do if Someone You Know is Raped

You can help a friend or loved one face this tragedy, despite the emotional and physical trauma.

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