Jennifer Christie

Jennifer Christie is a nationally certified sign language interpreter, working in the field since 1995. While on a business trip in early 2014, she was raped and became pregnant, and her story went viral as she and her husband, Jeff, made the decision to keep the baby. Jennifer has since become a passionate pro-life speaker, sharing her story on major media outlets and at rallies, conferences, and other events around the globe. She and Jeff have five children. You can learn more about Jennifer’s story here.

Focus on the Family Broadcast: Choosing Life After Rape

Choosing Life After Rape

Jennifer Christie became pregnant following a brutal rape, and despite the horrific trauma she experienced, she and her husband took a strong stand for life by choosing to keep the baby. Today, she discusses her difficult journey and how God has brought redemption through it.

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Is Abortion Okay After Rape?

Misplaced compassion can be as dangerous as outright antagonism. Let’s break down a few of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this delicate topic of abortion after rape.

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Lend Your Joy: A Letter to the Church from a Mom Who Conceived from Rape

“Well. That’s a sad story.” That’s what my pastor said. The rape and resulting pregnancy. A sad story. He stood in front of me for a moment in awkward silence before turning on his heel and walking away. I don’t know what I expected. Or what I even wan …

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Beautiful Endings: Hope for Women Who Became Pregnant from Rape

The light of a child after the darkness of trauma is a large first stepping stone on our path to healing. To wholeness.

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Jehovah Saves: The Journey of a Mom Who Conceived from Rape

I’m one of those people who can smell snow. I really can. Not like, individual flakes … But the almost carbonated freshness in the air just before the sky opens up. That. I still love snow. You’d think maybe I wouldn’t. You’d think maybe the contrast …