Kaylee Cameron

Kaylee is a Content Producer for Focus on the Family. She specializes in issues such as abortion, human rights and equality with an investigative approach.

Image of protesters wondering if abortion is murder

Is Abortion Murder?

To prove abortion is murder, preborn children must have the same systems as humans while simultaneously being unique.

Miscarriage quotes hero image with flowers

Miscarriage Quotes To Comfort A Broken Heart

Many have spoken about their experiences, so here are miscarriage quotes to bring peace and validation to you or a loved one.

image of searching abortion definition of abortion

Guide to Abortion Definitions & Language

Here’s your complete guide to abortion definitions, language and terminology surrounding pro-choice and pro-life conversation.

Image of What It's Like Inside An Abortion Clinic

What It’s Really Like Inside An Abortion Clinic

Here’s the unfiltered truth of what it’s really like at an abortion clinic, straight from former clients and clinic workers.

abortion pill online search image

Abortion Pill Online: Is It Safe?

More and more, women are being prescribed the abortion pill online. Some say they are safe and effective, while others claim the risks of having an at-home abortion far outweigh the benefits. So, is the abortion pill online safe enough to take? How Doe …

image of pro-life signs and pro life sign ideas

Ideas for Pro-Life Signs

Pro-life signs can make a big impact, whether you’re marching for life or sidewalk counseling.

the truth behind a fake crisis pregnancy center image

The Truth: “Fake” Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Behind the noise, what is a crisis pregnancy center at its core? Are they fake clinics posing as women’s healthcare? Here’s the truth.

hero image asking is abortion a constitutional right

Is Abortion A Constitutional Right?

How is it possible that the Constitution seems to grant rights to both life and abortion? The short answer: it doesn’t.

Overpopulation and abortion as population control image

Overpopulation and Abortion

Overpopulation will destroy our world. Abortion is the answer.This argument is convincing. After all, when food shortages, global warming and overcrowding are brought up, how could we not be concerned? What will we do when there’s simply too many peopl …

photo of question what are human rights sign about human rights

What Are Human Rights?

As a society, we’ve made significant strides in human rights. Once marginalized communities now thrive. We continue to develop toward less injustice and more equality. Looking back, we could never imagine a modern world where women can’t vote or people …

My body my choice and bodily autonomy is actually pro-life

“My Body My Choice” is Actually Pro-Life

How can “My Body, My Choice” really be arguing for pro-life statements?

Image of woman holding abortion pill with reasons for abortion

Reasons for Abortion: Stats & Demographics

Since Roe is no more, the reasons for abortion are coming into the political spotlight. Many states are currently limiting access to abortion, while others are actually expanding abortion access post-Dobbs. It presents the opportunity for new ways to c …

how to find your birth mother real stories advice image

Finding a Birth Mom: Real Stories & Advice

A lingering question in nearly every adopted child’s mind is who their birth mom is. It’s a common curiosity – a study of American children and teens finds that 72 percent of adopted adolescents want to know why they were adopted, 65 percent want to me …

The Reel Hope Project Finding Homes for Kids for Adoption and Family

Giving a Voice to Children for Adoption

The Reel Hope Project’s goal is to present children to potential families for who they are as a person. By creating unique, two-minute video reels, The Reel Hope Project gives children for adoption from foster care a chance to say, “This is the real me.”

People holding posters talking about human rights and abortion pros and cons

Abortion Pros and Cons: 5 Pro-Life Arguments

Pro-lifers have an opportunity as cultural tension rises to share abortion pros and cons in compassion, truth and love.

Image of woman holding pregnancy test thinking, "I'm Pregnant, Now What?"

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

When facing the thought, “I’m pregnant now what?” many wonder what to do next. Find some helpful ideas.

Hand and Rose Preparing for 2022 March for Life

A Key Component in Ending Abortion: 2022 March for Life

What better time to send a message of hope could there be than now? The nation doesn’t just want hope – it needs hope.

Premature baby boy in Intensive Care Unit at hospital

Are Late-Term Abortions Still A Thing?

This type of abortion still manages to account for over 15,000 procedures performed each year.

Student is disheartened over silencing of free speech on campus

My Standoff for Free Speech on Campus

I wasn’t capable of fully grasping the battle of free speech on campus until my sophomore year of college.

A woman looking out as she thinks about abortion complications

Abortion Complications

There are many physical and psychological abortion complications that every woman should know about.

Woman standing in front of medical professionals supporting her pro-life medical clinic

Support Your Local, Pro-Life Pregnancy Medical Clinic

The societal role of pro-life medical clinics has become increasingly vital after Roe V. Wade. Here’s how to join the movement.

Girl with Down Syndrome Celebrating World Down syndrome Day

Why Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day?

World Down Syndrome Day is notably important – discrimination through prenatal screening has been occurring at startling rates worldwide.