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Phil Steiger

Phil Steiger

Phil and his wife Heather have been part of Colorado Springs all their lives and are driven by the biblical mandate to make disciples. They take joy in watching God at work in the lives of his people. Heather is ordained with the Assemblies of God. Phil graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and then from Denver Seminary with an MA in Philosophy of Religion. They have two dogs, eight nieces, and nephews and are blessed by tremendous family and friends.

The crosses of Calvary viewed through the tomb.

The Cross of Jesus is our Most Hopeful Moment

Pastors face a lot of cross pressures from week to week, especially when the stakes are high. Easter brings both high hopes and lofty expectations. Being able to lean on the cross and the resurrection gives us the strength to speak the truth of hope in Christ and leave the rest to Him.

Dad and son working together planting a tree

What Does the Bible Say About Work?

God created us to work. Discover what the Bible says about work and how to teach your children about its importance.

Pastoral Care and Discipleship in a Time of Crisis

Christians have been here before, and we can take comfort and wisdom from the actions of those who faced these kinds of things well. During the first 100 years or so of the early church, there are letters written by Roman governors during times of plague talking about the behavior of this strange new group of people, Christians.

Preaching on Tough Topics

Trying to make sense of tough topics, most people will end up online and in social media listening to friends or cultural icons. Nothing compares, however, to how a pastor will be around after the service, available over email and present the next week.

The Pro-Life Pastor and Truth, Goodness and Beauty

How are pastors and church leaders to address such hot-button issues as those of abortion and infanticide? We must remember that we operate within the truth, goodness and beauty of the Christian worldview.

A young man has his face in his hands

Pastoral Ministry and Suicide

Pastors are not immune from suicidal thoughts, and neither are those under their care. How should a pastor shepherd individuals in the church who struggle with the debilitating effects of suicidal ideation?

a musician standing on a stage with arms raised

The Gift of Pastoral Humility

Pastors and church leaders are given the difficult task of counseling members through the hard times of life. How can a leader not try and fix each and every problem presented to them by members?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph nativity with Christmas lights in background

At Advent, We Hope

Advent is a time of hope. It is during this season pastors and church leaders can have a profound effect on those who have little or no hope. When we show them the profound truths which the incarnation brings, it gives them a higher hope than anything this world can offer.

A Biblical Basis for the 7 Traits of Effective Parenting

These seven traits offer parents the tools they need to break harmful parenting habits and the opportunity to replace them with healthy practices.