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Robert S. Paul

Robert S. Paul, licensed professional counselor, is vice president of the Focus on the Family Marriage Institute. He is the director and creator of the Hope Restored marriage intensive counseling program.

How to Create an Emotionally Safe Marriage Environment

Three journeys fill the scope of marriage: the husband’s, the wife’s and the united (or marital) journey. The only journey you can walk without your spouse’s consent is your own.

How to Care for ‘Negative’ Emotions in Your Marriage

Emotions — even anger and hurt — have a purpose. These strong feelings need to be appropriately understood, valued and utilized so you can better care for yourself and know your spouse deeply.

How Self-Care Can Turn a Good Marriage to a Great One

Roadblocks to self-care affect marriages because a spouse who isn’t cared for comes to the marriage depleted instead of ready to give. A marriage thrives when each spouse is seeking his or her own care.

How Couples Can Agree on Parenting Issues

Parenting disagreements strain even good marriages. The danger is letting differing perspectives wear down marital unity, especially if you side with the child’s desires instead of your spouse’s.

‘Submission’ May Not Mean What You Think It Means

One Scripture verse keeps couples at odds even though its intent is to teach unity. If you consider the context, culture and language in the book of Ephesians, you can better understand this verse.

Excellent Self-Care Requires Finding A Healthy Balance

The great commandment teaches that self-care is not selfish — it’s actually foundational to a healthy marriage.

Focus on the Family

You’re on the Same Team

In a marriage there is no such thing as a win/lose scenario when you are on the same team.