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Are you military or a federal employee? Do you believe in the work of Focus on the Family? Now many of you who serve our country can also defend the family — with one easy pen stroke.

Focus on the Family is an active participant in the Combined Federal Campaign. If you are a federal employee, you can designate Focus on the Family as the charity of your choice during this year's campaign. Simply write in #10534 on your pledge form.

In past years, a gift of $108 has provided counseling for three hurting families.

That same amount has provided one pregnancy resource center with pro-life materials. A gift of just $40 has helped train four parents in drug prevention tactics to keep their kids drug-free ("How to Drug Proof Your Kids" program). It only takes a little to accomplish so very much. Your gift will help nurture and defend families everywhere.

A letter from a woman to Focus on the Family:

"You really encouraged me today when you praised the U.S. military on your broadcast. Our 19-year-old son is deployed to Iraq, and I was wondering this morning if anyone else cared or remembered to pray for our soldiers. I turned on the broadcast and there you were voicing your support for the troops. I laughed and cried for my son and all of the men and women serving in uniform – but I didn't feel alone anymore. Thank you."

We care deeply. While our troops bravely fight a war half a world away, we remind America of why they're there. As they confront ideologies that undermine religious liberties and basic rights, we support our troops. Likewise, Focus on the Family is engaged in a similar battle on American soil, actively defending the family in a culture that undermines the institution and all it stands for. We think strong families make for a stronger America.

If you agree — and are in the military or a government employee — you can stand with us on behalf of the family. Simply designate Focus on the Family as the charity of your choice during this year's Combined Federal Campaign by writing in #10534 on your pledge form.

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Your gift will make home a place people can't wait to get back to.

Christian Service Charities (CSC) represents "Christian charities you know and trust" in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). If you want to find Focus on the Family in your campaign booklet, look in the "National/International Federations" section under "Christian Service Charities."

For further information or questions, please email us at

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For assistance, or to give by phone,
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