Why Invest in Family?

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Why should you support family ministry?

Investing in families 

Did you know that more and more young people say that having a happy marriage and family is their most important goal — more important than wealth or a good job? Does that surprise you?

Trouble is, many young people today don't know how to have a happy family life. That's because they've never had a healthy home modeled for them.

At Focus on the Family, we believe that's our God-given challenge: guiding families toward greater trust, fulfillment and faith — in accordance with His plan.

And we hope you'll catch that vision and consider investing in this important work of helping families thrive in Christ.

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Strengthening Marriages 

Marriage is the foundation of the family, a relationship God designed to last a lifetime. With support and guidance, couples can build marriages that thrive — no matter what struggles they face.

By supporting marriage, you'll provide couples with the tools to pursue God's best for their relationship — to build trust, improve communication and keep the romance strong through even the most difficult seasons of life.

Supporting parents

Parents are the strongest influence in a child's life. And despite a culture that's increasingly hostile to traditional marriage and families, with the right kind of help and encouragement, parents can raise well-balanced, faith-filled kids.

By supporting parents, you'll equip moms and dads to raise confident, accountable and spiritually strong children.

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Engaging our culture

Family is the foundation of a healthy society. And Christians should play a key role in shaping our communities, nation and world for Christ. That means we must be involved in social issues, political discussions and, without question, the battle to defend human life.

By supporting Focus on the Family, you help ensure that the voice of Christians who are pro-family, pro-life and pro-traditional values is heard in the halls of government and in our culture at large.

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Join with us and help families thrive in Christ

Families are under enormous pressure today. And it's not hard to see why:

  • Our culture increasingly disparages the ideal of married parents, one man and one woman committed to each other for life, raising their children in a loving, supportive home.
  • Our courts undermine the value of human life, allowing a million precious babies to be aborted each year.
  • And government at all levels attacks religious freedom as if they've completely forgotten it was Americans' First Freedom.

To truly thrive in Christ, families need practical support, encouragement and real hope. And they need it today more than ever.

That's why your financial partnership is so important. Your gift today will strengthen marriages, equip parents to raise godly children, take biblical values to our troubled culture, and transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What's more, you'll extend all of these vital services to those who cannot afford to support Focus on the Family.

That's why we need the help of friends like you — and why we ask you to prayerfully consider investing in family ministry.

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