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We're here to support ministry leaders and their families

Our support line for pastors and their families features fellow pastors and trained counselors who frequently support those in church and ministry roles. These pastoral care specialists can provide an understanding ear, a word of advice, a timely referral or a simple prayer. We know leadership is not easy, and we’re eager to come alongside pastors and their loved ones to help meet their needs.

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Honoring Mothers and Motherhood Loss

When we celebrate Mother’s Day, we should rejoice in the gift of motherhood, but also remember those who carry wounds related to motherhood (or the lack of it) in a broken world—infertility, unwanted singleness, single motherhood, adoption and abortion.

Photo of a pastor, head down, praying over a Bible.

Life Planning and Management for Pastors

The most common call PastorServe receives revolves around the challenge of balancing family and ministry. Here is the reality you must grasp if there is indeed deep life change: all of life is ministry, and your family is your primary ministry.

The crosses of Calvary viewed through the tomb.

The Cross of Jesus is our Most Hopeful Moment

Pastors face a lot of cross pressures from week to week, especially when the stakes are high. Easter brings both high hopes and lofty expectations. Being able to lean on the cross and the resurrection gives us the strength to speak the truth of hope in Christ and leave the rest to Him.

Photo of a cross on a hill, backlit by the sun.

For Pastors, Easter is the Best Good News

The victorious God of Easter morning can relate all too well to whatever anguish you might be suffering on your own Holy Thursday and Good Friday—as a pastor, the weight of your vocation, and the unknown trials of your congregation.

Jamie and Aaron Ivey joking with each other in a studio at Focus on the Family.

Pastors and Wives: Complement Each Other

Aaron Ivey says a lot of people look at their lives and ask how it works. How does a writer and podcaster help a pastor fulfill his vocation? How does a pastor help with a writer and podcaster? How do they complement each another?

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Remembering the Passover Lamb

May you attach your sense of self, your meaning and purpose, your moral compass, and your hopes and dreams to the message delivered in that upper room and to the actual moment of sacrifice on that hill outside the city.

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