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We're here to support ministry leaders and their families

Our support line for pastors and their families features fellow pastors and trained counselors who frequently support those in church and ministry roles. These pastoral care specialists can provide an understanding ear, a word of advice, a timely referral or a simple prayer. We know leadership is not easy, and we’re eager to come alongside pastors and their loved ones to help meet their needs.

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Biblical Ethics

Strive to be Afflicted with Compassion

The teaching moment of the word “compassion” is that it is never used apart from some action! Jesus had compassion and fed them. Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. Jesus had compassion on the crowd and healed their sick. Jesus had compassion on her and touched the coffin. Even in the parable about the Prodigal: the father (Father!) saw him and had compassion on him and ran to him and hugged him and kissed him.

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photo of a father and son embracing in forgiveness.

Learning and Growing as a Pastor, Father and Husband

I am still learning and growing. In husbanding, in (grand)parenting, in pastoring, in friending, in evangelizing, in being, I am doing the best I know how. Can’t wait until tomorrow to see what I will be.

Photo of a man and his children praying over the Bible.

Preparing to be a Pastor’s Family

Preparing for ministry as a family and looking ahead to the possibility of decades in ministry means we need to lay a good foundation and be ready to build the right walls and doors. Pastoring is not easy, and it is not getting easier. But, be of good cheer, our Savior has overcome the world, and he gives us his grace and peace.

Two sanitary workers dump a trash can into a garbage truck.

All Garbage Smells the Same

All garbage smells the same. And as long as I keep on wanting to think your garbage is worse than mine, I am showing that I really don’t understand God’s forgiveness.

Silhouette of loving father holding up his child at sunset smiling and playing together. This intimacy, love, acceptance and self-giving between the Father and the Son is what Christians understand the “core of the universe” to be.

Fatherhood: The Core of the Universe

Fatherhood is a deeply precious and sacred thing for the Christian. “Father” is not just a role that God took on in order to tell His story. It is who He is. Fatherhood is the very core of the universe, because it is the very center and fount of all reality. Fatherhood is the original and most fundamental nature of God.

Photo of a man at a steering wheel, following a GPS map.

God Reveals Destination One Screen at a Time

What do you need to know for your “drive” today that you don’t know? You know our Caller has mapped out integrity and faithfulness and diligence. You know He directs us to clean hands and a pure heart and a tongue that utters no slander. You know He expects kindness, tender-heartedness and a forgiving attitude, resembling the forgiveness we have already received.

Photo of a man wandering through a desert.

Pastors: Are You Wandering or Directed?

When God’s in charge, His people are led. When they are in charge, His people wander. The same wind drives sailboats in two different directions. It’s the set of the sail.

Silhouette of a man with arms raised, backlit by the sunset.

Evangelism and the Joy of Producing Something Awesome

When the gospel is great news to you and me, we will find ourselves weaving it into everything we say and do, not because it’s our obligation but because it’s our obsession. When this happens, it also changes the way people hear it. It feels less like something sold and more like something shared from good will and love.

A group of Christian believers gathered around a table, holding hands.
Church Leadership

Networking and Gathering is Critical for Churches

When we are open to seek out advice from other ministry leaders, a beautiful space is created. It cultivates creativity and gets everyone thinking of new ways to carry out our shared mission. We gain thoughtful perspectives we hadn’t considered. And we get to see ways God is developing each of us.

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Church Leadership

Dealing with Discouragement and Spiritual Opposition in Ministry

Since we live in a fallen world in which so many are set against God and the gospel of Christ, we will face discouragement and even demonic opposition in ministry, especially when we are about to embark on an important work. But that is no reason to fear Satan or to flag in our zeal to advance God’s Kingdom and to build up his church.

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Yes, I Promise to Pray for the Pre-born and Their Moms!

Will you pray for the pre-born and moms that are facing unexpected pregnancies? We will send you a 7-day prayer guide that will help guide you along this journey with us!! You can even choose to receive this great resource by text!

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