How Charles Mully’s Bold Faith Saved a Little Girl’s Life

It’s all too easy to feel as if the needs of the world are too many for any one of us to make a difference, but Charles Mully didn’t let that stop him from taking action to save lives.

Once a wealthy oil tycoon and business man who made it to the top of the world after growing up an orphan on the streets of Kenya, Charles has dedicated his whole life to saving children—orphans much like himself—off of the streets. In nearly three decades of rescuing street children from a dark world of poverty, crime, and addiction, he and his family have seen God work many miracles in thousands of lives as they have obeyed God’s call to care for the least of these.

Charles has many, many stories to share—a number of which can be seen in the new documentary film, Mully—but when we asked him about one that stood out in his memory, his mind immediately went to the story of Lillian, a young girl he happened upon when she was on the brink of death.

He shared the story with us, as well as the dramatic footage of her rescue. Fair warning: grab tissues now.

Lillian’s story, although unique because of how it played out, is not rare. Many children on the streets of Kenya face similar circumstances, and many of their stories tragically end far, far too soon. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of need and the dearth of resources to meet it.

But Charles’ story reminds us that we should never stop trying to help, even in the face of overwhelming odds, as each and every life touched matters deeply. Stepping out in faith to help another human being is always worth it. Obeying God’s charge to care for the least of these is always worth it. If every life matters, then every step of faith to help change or save a life matters—regardless of whether or not you see the fruit on this side of eternity.

Who can you help today by stepping out in faith?

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