Do you have any information about The Call: Career and Life Purpose Guide

The Call is an online vocational assessment tool for anyone 16 or older, especially anyone seeking to know their gifts and life purpose. Taking into account spiritual gifts as well as interests, aptitude and ability, The Call provides a way to identify vocation and ministry options that will enable your student to use his or her God-given talents.

For $99, The Call provides anyone 16 or older with a better understanding of how they "fit" the most common secular and ministry jobs.

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review concluded that job match is the most significant indicator of job success. The Call helps identify career compatibility using:

  • Hundreds of secular job positions with description codes and links to the government's occupational database for further research
  • Spiritual gifts found in Romans 12
  • Ministry occupations from over 25 different areas such as missionary, senior pastor and music minister

More information is available here.