Wait No More®: Focus on the Family’s Foster Care and Adoption Program

Wait No More®, our Foster Care and Adoption Program, is designed to raise adoption awareness and recruit parents for children and youth in the U.S. foster care system.

Our desire is to see local church members “step up” to welcome these children into their homes. We believe this is an achievable goal because the number of church congregations outweighs the number of children in need.

Local congregations are perfectly placed to make a big impact on children in foster care in this country. So the main goal for Wait No More® is to inspire and mobilize the Church to do its part to extend the love and hope of Christ to these children.

An integral part of our program is a recruitment event called Wait No More: Preparing Hearts and Homes for Kids in Foster Care, which is coordinated in partnership with local and state child welfare officials, adoption agencies, ministries, and local churches. For the most current information, visit Wait No More®.

We’re excited and encouraged about the interest many Christians are expressing in adoption, but we also recognize that challenges are always part of such an undertaking. With that in mind, we provide quality, relevant, biblically sound post-placement resources for families. Among these is the Handbook on Thriving As an Adoptive Family. You can find more titles in our Adoption & Foster Care resource list.


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