Learn How You Can Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage

Conflict is normal and actually healthy in a marriage. In fact, conflict can even help your marriage!

We want to help you get down to the heart level and understand what’s really going on when you and your spouse have those moments of conflict and instead, turn it into something that can strengthen your union.

To do this, we’ve created a FREE 7-part video series called, “Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage”. Through this practical and biblical video series, you will join Greg and Erin Smalley for an honest look at one of the most challenging aspects of married life, and how you and your spouse can handle it better!

Video #1: “Handling Conflict in Our Relationships”

Video #2: “Is Your Heart Open?”

Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage Form Image

Video #3: “How to Stop Having the Same Fights Over and Over Again”

Video #4: “Stop Believing These Lies About Your Marriage”

Video #5: “How Do We Come Back Together?”

Video #6: “Finding a Solution (as a Team)”

Video #7: “Unfaithfulness: Where Do We Go From Here?”

Would you like to learn to fight your way to a better marriage? Simply tell us where we can send your 7-part video series using the form below and we’ll get you the whole series right away.