I'm hurting, but I don't want to walk away from my spouse.

We believe your pain is real. But we also believe that there’s hope for you and your spouse. This FREE, 6-part video series called “Finding Hope for Your Hurting Marriage” was created to offer encouragement to couples in hard places. With the help of God, you can find strength and hope, and influence conditions in which your spouse can find forgiveness, get professional help, and change his or her behavior. Join Jim Daly and Dr. Gary Chapman for an honest look at how to love your spouse in the midst of major heartache.

Video #1: “Living in Reality”
Video #2: “How Our Emotional Needs Drive Behavior”
Video #3: “The Depressed Spouse”
Video #4: “The Controlling Spouse”
Video #5: “The Physically Abusive Spouse”
Video #6: “The Unfaithful Spouse”

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