Learn how to restore your relationship with your estranged adult child.

Are you concerned about the chilly silence between you and your adult child? Perhaps your child is slow to return your calls and makes all kinds of excuses for not coming to visit. Or maybe it’s been months since you’ve heard from your child at all. It could be that your child is giving other kinds of signals, but it’s clear that your child is harboring resentment toward you and they don’t seem able to let it go.

If you’re anxious to make things right between you and your grown child but nothing appears to be working, this video series will bring new hope for your situation.

Titled “Healing Parent and Adult Child Relationships,” this free series of seven short videos features insights from psychologist and counsellor Dr. John Townsend to help you start mending your relationship with your son or daughter.

The content covers:

  • biblical guidance and expert insights to help you build a bridge to your child and defuse tension between you
  • healthy ways to deal with the hurt and rejection you may feel
  • practical steps to help your restored relationship keep moving in a positive direction
  • discussion questions to help you personalize what you are learning
  • support from Scripture verses and specific prayers you can use

Here is an outline of the episodes you’ll receive access to when you get your FREE video series:

  • Episode 1: “What Soured the Relationship in the Past?”
  • Episode 2: “Parental Manipulation”
  • Episode 3: “Parents Modeling Humility”
  • Episode 4: “Steps to Forgiveness”
  • Episode 5: “Walking on Eggshells”
  • Episode 6: “Estrangement”
  • Episode 7: “Asking God for Help in Your Relationships”

We’re excited to share this resource with you to help you find the renewed relationship with your adult child that you’ve been longing for.

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