How do I strengthen my children's relationship with the Lord?

If you find yourself asking this question, you have come to the right place!

The world is so full of negative criticism of Christianity that is constantly being thrown at you and your family. How are you supposed to prepare your children for the questions they will get from those in the world, and even questions they have themselves?

To help provide some answers, Focus on the Family has created this FREE series of six short videos, called “How to Respond When Your Kids Ask Tough Questions About God.” Featuring Natasha Crain, author of the book Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side, this video series will cover a variety of topics ranging from talking to your kids about who Jesus is — to the definition of sin and what it means to be an example of Christ for your children.

Natasha Crain

Filled with practical and encouraging lessons on ways to communicate with your kids about God, Christianity and faith, this video series will leave you feeling empowered to help your children navigate the path of their own faith.

The following lessons will inspire you to have deeper conversations with your kids about the Lord:

Video #1: The Importance of Using Words Your Kids Understand
Video #2: What Do Kids Believe?
Video #3: Do All Religions Point to the Same Truth?
Video #4: If Christianity is True, Why Are There So Many Denominations?
Video #5: Why Did Jesus Have to Die For My Sins?
Video #6: The Importance of Being a Faith Detective and Faith Investor

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